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  • Product: apisupport

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
190460 apisuppo Harness jtulach RESO FIXE ant test-generate-html cannot find build.dir 2012-06-20
70891 apisuppo Template mkozeny NEW --- Wizard for Code Completion provider 2013-02-14
121351 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT API Versioning - only packages with class file 2009-12-21
67399 apisuppo Project jglick VERI WONT Exceptions in console and in UI of open project dialog 2005-11-01
71054 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Module Dep - should show classpath extensions for "JAR" field 2013-02-14
196740 apisuppo Project mkozeny VERI FIXE Invalid Module Suite Name working 2012-12-12
157745 apisuppo Harness jskrivanek RESO WORK BTD: The same parameters for JUnit tests as it is in projectized.xml 2012-12-06
78470 apisuppo Project musilt2 VERI FIXE [A11Y] Add module dependency dialog 2007-10-05
65420 apisuppo Project mkleint VERI FIXE save manifest before is generated new data object from template 2005-11-01
71578 apisuppo Project mkrauskopf CLOS FIXE "New Module Project" and "New Module Suite Project" don't behave like in other project types. 2007-09-23
70539 apisuppo Project jglick RESO DUPL Share layer instances from live SFS when possible 2006-10-23
159237 apisuppo Template jglick RESO FIXE [67cat] New Action Wizard does not fit to 1024x768 resolution. 2010-03-16
79536 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT Show friend modules under Module Project node 2008-10-15
68636 apisuppo Project jglick RESO DUPL Xml layer view - rename blocks awt-event-queue 2008-06-19
62219 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO DUPL Redundant computation of information about NBMs 2008-11-24
111592 apisuppo API docs jglick VERI FIXE Vague description of API Documentation module 2007-08-02
72055 apisuppo Project mkrauskopf VERI WONT Disable ok button in add Library Panel when the library is already on classpath 2006-02-01
64569 apisuppo Harness jtulach VERI FIXE Odd JNLP title for jh.jar 2005-12-06
185611 apisuppo Project jglick RESO FIXE Module dependency filter does not refresh after computation is finished 2010-05-10
121355 apisuppo Template rmichalsky RESO FIXE exception when library descriptor's name contains space 2008-06-13
73046 apisuppo Project mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Module properties: Missing mnemonics for Add/Remove required tokens 2006-02-28
71055 apisuppo Project mkozeny RESO FIXE Lib Wrapper - pick up Specification-Title from JARs which have it 2014-01-08
66338 apisuppo Template mkleint VERI FIXE Don't allow File Type extension to be entered with leading . 2005-11-30
135163 apisuppo Project jglick RESO FIXE NPE in SourceForBinaryImpl 2008-05-20
70546 apisuppo Project mkrauskopf RESO FIXE 'Project Folder' retains 'Project Name' prior to last deletion for NetBeans Plug-in Modules creation 2006-02-22
25 bugs found.
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