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  • Product: apisupport

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
66543 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Cannot use GUI to edit localized display info for a module 2013-02-14
72439 apisuppo Project jglick VERI FIXE File under suite/Important Files are not annotated by CVS 2006-02-10
64243 apisuppo Project mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Colon missing in NewFileWizard Wizard 2005-11-21
63354 apisuppo Project jglick VERI WORK [Module Properties] wrong filtering libraries on first usage 2006-10-23
199140 apisuppo Project jglick RESO DUPL Add the ability to create an XML Layer to the Module Development category for generating a Layer.xml file 2011-06-03
62048 apisuppo Project jglick RESO WONT ModuleList.findBinaryNBMFiles is slow 2007-10-24
60973 apisuppo Project jglick CLOS DUPL Slow ModuleList.findBinaryNBMFiles() 2006-01-16
189503 apisuppo Refactor mkozeny RESO DUPL Renaming module package does not update OIDE-M-Layer 2013-08-21
119834 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT 'Exclude IDE Modules' dialog not shown unless Libraries panel first selected 2008-11-24
199824 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- "Resolve" button present but disabled 2013-08-09
72788 apisuppo Refactor rmichalsky RESO WONT Remove unreferenced ordering attrs after delete refactoring 2009-11-02
72064 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- NBPM | Harness: "Other:" textfield is non editable 2013-02-14
69574 apisuppo Project jglick RESO DUPL Detect cycles in Add Module Dependency dialog 2010-07-02
76829 apisuppo Project jglick RESO FIXE NBM project properties should not expose global install option 2006-11-03
92456 apisuppo Project musilt2 CLOS WONT Adding test dependency changes order of dependencies in project.xml 2007-01-18
64777 apisuppo Project mkrauskopf VERI FIXE Possible to have multiple properties dialogs for same project open at once 2005-12-06
71057 apisuppo Project mkozeny RESO WONT Branding Name - permit freer syntax 2013-11-27
63795 apisuppo Template mkleint VERI WORK [FileTypeWiz] Mark the default variant in Fille Recognition 2005-09-16
69984 apisuppo Template mkrauskopf RESO FIXE [Wiz wiz] Performance cost of SFS scan paid even for "Custom" wizards 2005-12-09
196833 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Ability to add test dependencies using Properties dialog 2013-02-14
73386 apisuppo Project jglick RESO DUPL CHAINING suite - branded splash is not used in IDE 2007-10-27
66340 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT Strange failure message creating loader 2009-12-21
72275 apisuppo Refactor jglick RESO WONT refactor Module Action package name doesn't update layer and manifest 2011-03-15
202197 apisuppo Template mkozeny RESO FIXE "Modified Files" not shown for "New XML Layer" wizard 2013-08-30
78727 apisuppo Project jglick CLOS INVA Upgrade dtd version 2_3 to 2_4 2006-06-22
25 bugs found.
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