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  • Product: apisupport

25 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
141785 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT AssertionError: on editing project.xml 2009-11-02
63362 apisuppo Template mkleint VERI DUPL "Category" pulldown always empty in New Project Template wiz 2006-01-16
68721 apisuppo Project mkrauskopf VERI FIXE change the icon for Modules folder of Module suite 2006-02-10
72667 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT Copy Project does not convert and standalone modules 2009-11-02
136982 apisuppo Project mkozeny NEW --- Provide meaningful actions while editing <this layer in context> 2013-02-14
62288 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO DUPL in Package combo 2008-10-30
63576 apisuppo Template mkleint VERI FIXE [TCWIZ] Remeber icon's folder in filechooser 2005-11-01
114357 apisuppo Project rmatous RESO FIXE frame.gif is changed on disk 2007-12-07
66144 apisuppo Project jglick RESO FIXE [Action wiz] Sorting of Global Menu Item's Menu combo should put e.g. Tools | Something right after Tools 2006-02-10
72181 apisuppo Harness jtulach RESO FIXE master.jnlp descriptor is not valid 2006-02-03
84689 apisuppo Harness jglick RESO FIXE Problem with build after checkout of module suite project 2006-11-03
201458 apisuppo Harness jtulach RESO WONT Rebuild dep jars when older than manifest 2012-06-20
115964 apisuppo Template jglick RESO FIXE [60cat] File Type wizard UI field setup bug 2007-10-03
148199 apisuppo Inspecto jglick RESO WORK reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException at $Proxy2.resultChanged 2011-11-16
106449 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT Wrong button order in Export Packages to Friends dialog 2009-11-02
72284 apisuppo Template rmatous VERI FIXE Action wiz -improve warning message when no 24x24 icon selected 2006-02-28
59995 apisuppo Inspecto jglick VERI FIXE Installing 'Open APIs Support' causes spaces in Tools menu items 2006-02-14
63239 apisuppo Template mkleint VERI FIXE [50cat][TCWIZ] don't generate the same String constant into two classes 2005-10-12
181316 apisuppo Project mkozeny RESO WONT Allow editing of NB platform folder. 2014-01-08
117462 apisuppo Project jglick RESO FIXE Default NB platform displayed when unlisted platform selected 2007-10-02
135287 apisuppo Template mkubec RESO INVA New:Project Template functionality is extremely confusing and does not seem to work 2008-05-19
65700 apisuppo Project jglick RESO FIXE Costly conversions in UpdateTrackingFOQuery 2005-11-16
70875 apisuppo Harness jglick RESO WONT Set OpenIDE-Module-Java-Dependencies according to actual JDK, not source level 2010-05-04
204178 apisuppo Template jglick RESO FIXE "New Wizard" code of "New File" type fails cryptically when invoked incorrectly 2011-10-26
112636 apisuppo Project rmichalsky RESO WONT Too narrow combo for platform 2009-11-02
25 bugs found.
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