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134 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
250356 cnd Toolchai danilasergeyev REOP --- support create c++ project with cmake 2015-05-28
49046 utilitie Properti JPESKA REOP --- a property should be selected at all time 2011-09-01
211524 editor Refactor jbecicka REOP --- Ctrl-R to invoke ActionProvider.COMMAND_RENAME when context is a Project 2016-07-07
183423 debugger Code mentlicher REOP --- RFE -- create icon for toolbar -- for debug project -- not just debug main project 2012-06-09
232230 editor Navigati mkristofic REOP --- [Breadcrumbs] Navigation via keyboard missing 2016-07-10
204063 versionc Code ovrabec REOP --- Integrate "Refactor > Inspect and Transform.." functionality into the svn/git/cvs/... screen 2016-01-10
102089 platform Window S saubrecht REOP --- emacs keymap - alt key doesn't activate menubar 2014-03-13
239232 php Code tmysik REOP --- Source inspect returns erroneous message 'Code sniffer analysis error' 2017-09-27
227848 projects Generic tstupka REOP --- Add package to "other test sources" iadds package to "source packages" instead 2016-07-10
232225 projects Maven tstupka REOP --- Allow to define shortcut for "Re-run goals" 2016-07-10
127133 installe Code lfischmeistr REOP --- Installer - checking off Tomcat string - does not place check in the check box... 2014-02-10
256997 python Debugger mr_lou_d STAR --- Debugger (Umbrella) 2015-12-05
69825 java I18N ralphbenjamin STAR --- [50cat] Resource Bundle editor doesn't sort key combo. 2011-11-28
192290 uml Reverse issues STAR --- no reverse engineering output if uml project name contains :: or ( or ) 2010-11-29
200362 cnd executio ilia STAR --- [CentOS] Opening remote terminal with passphrase SSH gives a message in the window then exits. 2014-04-14
253761 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [81cat] 4k monitor support 2017-11-07
268214 groovy Editor bruno.flavio NEW --- Netbeans editor shows False errors (red) on Inherited field in Groovy from Java base class 2016-09-28
114017 java Editor dbalek NEW --- I18N - provide properties/options to change ide global font name and font size 2010-12-20
194673 editor Formatti dbalek NEW --- Text Orientation 2011-01-24
67138 versionc CVS issues NEW --- CVS update of projects blocks other CVS functionality 2007-01-04
133584 uml Project issues NEW --- avoid creating a special project for uml 2008-04-22
160340 platform Window S issues NEW --- new persistence type for TopComponent 2009-04-23
205650 profiler Ide issues NEW --- Adding source root in Profiler 2011-11-30
211167 ide UI issues NEW --- UMBRELLA: Review all keyboard shortcuts (hotkey, keymap, keybindings) 2015-02-24
94744 obsolete visualwe jayashri NEW --- USERTEST: App Outline and Project Navigator uses are confusing 2007-02-06
107619 utilitie Search jhavlin NEW --- cannot invoke replace on folder 2011-08-04
108809 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Need an option to start NetBeans after the install is completed 2014-02-10
119132 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Uninstaller showing removal of server not installed 2014-02-10
120248 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- I18N - resize issues in some panels 2014-02-10
222961 platform Plugin M lfischmeistr NEW --- Help -> Check for updates should check for new NetBeans versions as well 2016-05-26
47929 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- [40cat] Output window console pane does not get the focus when a debug session is started. 2012-11-28
103756 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- [DEBUGGER] Do not share watches between different languages sessions 2007-06-28
185826 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Class breakpoint with simple name does not work 2012-12-17
190239 editor Hints & mkristofic NEW --- Make error stripe content configurable 2013-09-04
270673 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- Unicode surrogate pairs are not treated as a single character 2017-05-18
236193 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- Move member should pre-select the current package 2013-09-20
214783 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Enable quick vertical window resize inside IDE by mouse wheel 2012-06-26
51680 java Platform tzezula NEW --- No information about platform recognition progress 2011-08-31
98468 projects Librarie tzezula NEW --- Don't list every item of library separately in Libraries view 2011-08-31
210188 cnd Project alexvsimon NEW --- Smart Build Analyzer option should be smarter 2013-05-19
270778 groovy Refactor bruno.flavio NEW --- Extremely limited symbol resolution and auto import for Netbeans Groovy editor 2017-06-01
245727 java Editor dbalek NEW --- Ctrl+Alt+PERIOD should jump to errors before warnings 2014-07-16
59099 obsolete vcsgener issues NEW --- Ugly CVS revision selector 2005-09-05
67833 debugger Code issues NEW --- No indication if Local Variables contains current data 2008-04-25
71501 platform Window S issues NEW --- Support an option to create a new tabset when cloning a document editor window (view). 2010-08-11
87235 debugger Code issues NEW --- Better Access for Class, Method, Variable, Exception Breakpoints 2011-02-22
90135 debugger Code issues NEW --- [Study][DB-3] Click and evaluate expression in Watches/Variable window 2007-08-29
107114 guibuild Code issues NEW --- "Customize Code" is modal 2008-10-02
123956 debugger Java issues NEW --- Removing line breakpoint on one mouse click is dangerous 2007-12-13
147903 profiler Base issues NEW --- Split the snapshot profiling point type into two types 2008-09-22
170713 platform Window S issues NEW --- Provide an option to quickly hide the toolbar so save screen estate 2009-08-20
180073 platform Window S issues NEW --- go to source navigation should work between undocked windows as well 2010-02-01
189839 ruby Editing issues NEW --- Toggle Comment / Toggle Uncomment is Broken in v.6.9 2011-01-28
190404 php PHPUnit issues NEW --- add glob pattern for test file names 2011-11-16
206031 guibuild Code issues NEW --- Do not open design tab of a form by default 2017-07-27
206385 cnd Project issues NEW --- Projects with existing source, long project directory cluttering Projects Navigation Panel 2012-04-23
215021 ide Code issues NEW --- Work-arounds for bugs like "Insufficient memory to compile" should require minimal user intervention 2012-07-17
215023 ide UI issues NEW --- Debugging settings in config files should not require the use of a text editor: Need something like about:config 2013-09-04
219021 cnd -- Other issues NEW --- After C++ debug session cursor moved from start location 2012-09-29
267571 ide Code issues NEW --- When pushing to remote repository, I get Incorrect Credentials error. The my username, password, public key, and passphrase are correct. 2016-11-26
267689 ide Code issues NEW --- missing array initialization formatting options (option to keep braces on the same line needed) 2016-08-24
267738 ide Code issues NEW --- IDE hang on opening a Maven project. The 'Opening Projects' progress bar stops at 33% 2016-08-28
268344 ide UI issues NEW --- Editor does Not support the "edit-fold" feature 2016-10-05
268346 ide Code issues NEW --- Navigate to Declaration (CTRL/B) fails 2016-10-05
268684 ide Code issues NEW --- Editor= editing location inconsistent in .groovy file. 2016-10-26
269534 ide Code issues NEW --- GOTO Line or bookmark/GOTO source not working opening a new file 2017-01-12
269852 ide Code issues NEW --- After project group change, the bookmark's steps (Ctrl+Shift+. and Ctrl+Shift+,) doesn't show the bookmarks. 2017-02-17
270148 ide Code issues NEW --- Debug pane disappears ...I can no longer set break points 2017-03-21
270460 ide UI issues NEW --- Glassfish server reported as not registered with the IDE in new project wizzard, whereas it is shown in the list of registered servers in Tools-Servers 2017-04-22
270938 ide UI issues NEW --- browse for file hide folder names when large font size used 2017-06-23
271113 ide Code issues NEW --- Netbeans seems to not be able to connect to internet randomly 2017-07-17
271130 ide Code issues NEW --- Netbeans test runs have one or more Serious Problem(s) 2017-07-20
178477 java Javadoc jbecicka NEW --- Inline HTML editor / renderer for javadoc in the code editor window 2010-09-23
179428 java Refactor jbecicka NEW --- Refactoring doesn't work for elements passed as arguments to existing function 2011-11-16
155275 platform Help Sys jhavlin NEW --- Help viewer update umbrella 2011-09-01
180628 connecte Hudson jhavlin NEW --- Uninformative error message in the New Continuous Build dialog 2012-06-14
208038 utilitie Open Fil jhavlin NEW --- Opening a file assocciated with NB7.1 does not open file 2014-05-28
232697 platform Notifica JPESKA NEW --- Not possible to select more notifications 2013-07-17
39327 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- Install Preview should preview all action he does 2014-02-10
90053 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- Creating bundle/state-file functionality should be available in GUI mode on the last page of installation 2014-02-10
93835 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Provide guide or shortcuts for GF. 2014-02-10
118695 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Show netbeans ads while installing 2014-02-10
122233 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Put a link to the Wiki in the dialog that shows installation errors 2014-02-10
122777 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Extra nested folder is created after closing FileChooser on selecting installation folder 2014-02-10
182306 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- [69cat]Enhancements for the Generate Installer for NetBeans Platform Suite project 2014-02-10
32370 obsolete vcscore mentlicher NEW --- Clearcase dialogs` textedit doesn`t have focus 2009-05-12
103871 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Properly integrate omniscient debugging 2007-12-04
177602 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Make a JDK platform chooser for selection of the JDK of the debugged application 2009-11-25
192705 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- There should be a way to submit line breakpoints for a class name and line number. 2010-11-30
198878 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Add new button: Run to end 2013-08-12
203264 debugger Java mentlicher NEW --- Clicking the glyph of a disabled breakpoint should enable the breakpoint 2013-08-12
217909 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Use "Expression evaluation" window for all debuggers. 2012-09-07
219945 debugger Code mentlicher NEW --- Variable Window displays are truncated on expansion 2012-10-24
220207 javascri Debugger mentlicher NEW --- Users would like to be able to tell when errors in the log relate to the current run 2013-01-17
249081 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- Replace standard fonts for editor and GUI 2014-12-15
257658 web CSS Prep mkristofic NEW --- Less problem &:after Coloring 2016-02-29
267709 editor Hints & mkristofic NEW --- Warning signal blackout; code no longer legible ... 2016-08-27
257982 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- Hide the mouse in editor 2016-02-26
262725 editor Painting mmetelka NEW --- End key does not move caret to end of line for wrapped line 2016-09-18
131374 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- the prefix of each line in Disasm view makes asm difficult to debug 2016-07-06
209900 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- Enable menu command to set current IP to different line number during debugging 2016-07-06
255466 python Editor mr_lou_d NEW --- Implement "Find Usages" (always returns "No Occurrences") 2015-12-04
256991 python Editor mr_lou_d NEW --- Refactor->Rename a variable always returns "No Patterns Found" popup 2015-12-04
198306 php Editor obrejla NEW --- PHP Feature Request : Select only the variable name (without the $) when double-clicked. 2016-03-17
184962 versionc Subversi ovrabec NEW --- Download link for Subversion Mac OS X client could be improved 2010-04-27
234579 versionc Git ovrabec NEW --- Set the branch description 2013-08-30
257513 versionc Git ovrabec NEW --- Add "Switch To Branch..." menu item on Git Repository Browser 2016-01-11
257771 javascri Editor ppisl NEW --- No Javascript validation inside a PHP file 2016-05-25
219221 editor Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- By renaming the package the packages in the Source Packages nad Test Packages should be suggested to be renamed together 2015-10-30
230366 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- Find usages action is not present on binary class node in Projects 2013-05-28
256475 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- Refactoring window stays on top of Netbeans IDE even after refactoring is complete. Can't close 2016-02-25
258339 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- Problems with copying source files between packages 2016-03-25
241134 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- make IDE touch screen friendly IDE 2014-03-31
254368 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Edit window/tab split screen Opposite 2015-08-14
256481 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- Menu items that are selected are blank 2016-05-16
121820 java Hints sdedic NEW --- Introduce "declare primitive value as..." hint 2013-09-02
135014 java Source sdedic NEW --- Tasklist should contain source-code hints 2013-09-02
200589 java Hints sdedic NEW --- @Override annotation should have a quick hint to create the method to the interface 2013-09-02
227247 editor Key bind sdedic NEW --- Keymap bindings issues on national keyboards 2016-08-12
243292 java Hints sdedic NEW --- Inspection results usage improvements 2014-03-28
84564 java JUnit theofanis NEW --- difference in testresults does not show 2011-11-04
52676 java Project tzezula NEW --- Properties menu item for Platform is missing 2011-08-31
180939 java Project tzezula NEW --- Adding a file to java sources classpath does not pick up jar files 2010-02-18
192536 java Project tzezula NEW --- RFE: Rename project configuration in Java 2013-04-04
210149 ide UI uireviews NEW --- Audiovisual notifications for major IDE events such as build finish 2013-09-05
94461 obsolete visualwe wjprakash NEW --- USERTEST: Unable to create or modify DB query 2007-12-07
123975 cnd Project issues NEW --- Unclear way to add additional object file for linking 2014-04-14
138799 platform Window S issues NEW --- Editor tabs jump when switching between specific types of files 2010-08-11
241107 db MySQL lfischmeistr NEW --- Feature: mysql autocomplete with tablePrefix constants (PHP) 2014-01-29
220075 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- An option to expand an object pointed to during debugging 2016-07-06
220076 cnd Debugger mromashova NEW --- Display the vtable address of a class object in all displays showing the object expansion 2016-07-06
177236 java Hints sdedic NEW --- Final class: exporting non-public type through public API 2013-09-02
256962 php Code tmysik NEW --- Code formatting not working for Drupal files on a git project 2015-12-11
186821 connecte Jira tstupka NEW --- Download JIRA plugin dialog behaviour is confusing 2010-06-01
134 bugs found.
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