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ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
61597 profiler Base thurka NEW --- Profiler engine should better handle parameters with space in path 2011-11-02
155384 python Platform mr_lou_d NEW --- python platform containing space in path not detected 2015-05-25
196842 python Debugger mr_lou_d NEW --- Debugger does not want to start (spaces in path) 2015-05-25
152371 python Code mr_lou_d STAR --- [65cat] org.openide.loaders.DataObjectNotFoundException: D:\65cat\Tutorial Reviews\NewPythonProject\src\3.py 2015-10-02
165723 python Debugger mr_lou_d STAR --- java.net.URISyntaxException: Illegal character in path at index 19: file://C:/Documents and Settings/tester/My Documents/NetBeansProjects/werewr/src/JySwing.py 2015-09-13
179267 python Debugger jymen NEW --- python debugger not working on windows when debugging a project with spaces in path 2015-05-24
246741 serverpl WildFly ehsavoie NEW --- When trying to run wildfly 8.1 in profile mode i get "Files\NetBeans was unexpected at this time" 2015-06-23
190954 python Code ardavis26 NEW --- Module is installed on my desktop and I am able to run it on Python IDLE. However, I get the above error. The path for the module has also been configured. I was able to run the script on Eclipse. I tried this on two seperate installations of netbeans a 2015-05-26
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