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22 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
258615 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- not propose update to 8.1 2016-04-01
25430 versionc CVS libr issues NEW --- cvs update puts ctrl-ms in files 2009-11-19
203091 installe Code lfischmeistr NEW --- Provide option to change the UI language 2014-02-10
37242 obsolete vcsgener mentlicher NEW --- Select just newly added variable 2006-12-04
20851 apisuppo Template mkozeny NEW --- Explorer views added to Component Palette 2013-03-11
132895 editor Completi dbalek NEW --- Rename text/x-javadoc mime type to human readable form 2008-04-25
178926 contrib Scala dcaoyuan NEW --- Existential mis-spelled as "Existantial" in navigator window 2009-12-21
35533 debugger Java issues NEW --- Display As item should be available for all variables even if it does nothing. 2005-12-22
165953 connecte Kenai issues NEW --- Refresh related issues in Kenai dashboard 2012-10-18
198480 javaee JSP issues NEW --- JSP test compile option is not platform independent 2013-11-06
57759 editor -- Other mkristofic NEW --- Comment/uncomment and start/stop macro recording could have only 1 shortcut 2011-11-10
242232 projects Maven tstupka NEW --- Filter out generated sources, if BuildHelper has more precise information. 2014-05-12
158901 cnd Code Mod issues NEW --- Brackets in instantiation breaks hyperlink 2013-05-07
177344 platform Window S issues NEW --- restore down on dual monitor with large right screen is out of visible range if after maximized exit 2009-11-24
195719 platform Director ovrabec NEW --- Renaming folder shortcuts using Open Project dialog box drops lnk extension 2011-07-29
249920 platform Window S saubrecht NEW --- [dark][nimbus] Table Cell Renderer uses a dark foreground color 2015-01-21
148359 debugger Code dds.dhawal STAR --- Table headers should not be displayed when tables have nothing to display. 2011-10-31
33926 utilitie Image JPESKA STAR --- Display better message if a file cannot be read 2011-09-01
134448 editor Painting mmetelka STAR --- parentheses within text quotes should not be highlighted 2011-11-15
99902 editor -- Other mkristofic REOP --- Include FileSystemAction in default editor popup 2011-09-05
90220 editor Hints & mkristofic REOP --- Poor recovery from corrupted annotation descriptor file 2013-09-04
129641 editor Key bind sdedic REOP --- Equivalent to Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down does not exist or is not mapped intuitively 2011-09-05
22 bugs found.
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