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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
67138 versionc CVS issues NEW --- CVS update of projects blocks other CVS functionality 2007-01-04
133560 java Javadoc jbecicka NEW --- I18N - javadoc search should work for translated javadoc 2011-08-31
139484 groovy Grails martin_adamek NEW --- I18N - no encoding value in project properties of grails project 2011-12-30
187085 javacard Java Car onkentes NEW --- Device should be stopped or restarted after changing device parameters 2012-08-01
94486 obsolete visualwe davidvc NEW --- Drag & Drop between tables is not possible 2008-11-18
98366 obsolete visualwe jbaker NEW --- Application utilizing datasource can not be deployed to WebLogic 2008-01-14
183614 javaee Debugger mentlicher NEW --- step into does not work properly in EAR with WEB and EJB 2011-02-18
187086 javacard Java Car onkentes NEW --- Debug target fails if it is invoked without stopping Device 2012-08-01
187270 javacard Java Car onkentes NEW --- Extended and Web projects cannot use Shareable interfaces from Classic libs 2013-05-17
215884 installe NBI lfischmeistr NEW --- Unable to install into home 2013-07-10
96584 profiler Base cyhelsky REOP --- Profile information is not full after Reset for Global Attach 2012-08-01
211406 platform JDK Prob saubrecht REOP --- Views and Palettes keeps scrolling itself to the drag position after DnD Tue 09:31
12 bugs found.
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