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18 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
230922 java Refactor ralphbenjamin NEW --- Move EncapsulateFieldsRefactoring to api 2013-06-07
181474 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- API Review: Move all java related ClassPath types into a single class 2015-07-21
252757 java Classpat tzezula NEW --- Added PathEmbeddingMode to handle in archive path in ClassPath.toString 2015-06-02
209110 editor Refactor apireviews NEW --- API Addition: RefactoringCommit, Modification Result 2012-03-21
228041 editor Parsing apireviews NEW --- Added Context.isTransientIndexing method to notify indexers that indexing was started for non saved file. 2013-03-28
229081 java Source apireviews NEW --- Changes to support the updated doctrees API 2013-04-26
246587 java Source apireviews NEW --- Support tags in search and replace patterns 2014-08-21
252998 java Project apireviews NEW --- Added minimal supported source level constant into SourceLevelQuery 2015-06-15
253861 java Hints apireviews NEW --- Allow hint to trigger for guarded code Mon 13:29
248933 platform Filesyst jhavlin NEW --- Provide API for file separator 2014-12-10
207232 platform Filesyst tzezula STAR --- Allow Parsing API and VCSes to share information about modified files 2012-02-13
209448 editor Hints & mkristofic STAR --- Enhance ErrorDescription(Factory) with optional ID and more details text 2013-09-04
190904 java Source sdedic STAR --- method()method() watch evaluated incorrectly 2014-11-05
248917 platform Html4j jtulach STAR --- Validation for Knockout.js property types 2015-01-08
182427 platform Explorer vv159170 REOP --- Need a way to programmatically initiate edit in-place edit 2015-03-20
194356 editor Key bind apireviews REOP --- Unify codes for next/prev occurrence 2015-05-21
133717 platform Graph krichard REOP --- add necessary items to fix orthogonal routing issues. 2014-11-05
207496 platform Filesyst vkvashin REOP --- FileChooserBuilder should be able to work with other file systems 2014-11-10
18 bugs found.
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