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59 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
224381 platform Lookup jtulach RESO FIXE Inefficient AbstractLookup using collection.toArray() 2013-01-14
224631 platform Filesyst jtulach RESO FIXE Leaking JavaC - 748M of occupied memory 2013-01-14
206513 platform Text mmetelka RESO FIXE Does not Save Files 2014-01-09
203431 installe JDK bund ovrabec RESO FIXE Cannot install JDK bundle on fresh x64 OS installation 2013-01-22
221344 cnd Debugger henk89 VERI FIXE NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.netbeans.modules.cnd.debugger.common2.debugger.NativeDebuggerManager$LazyInitializer 2013-01-16
225219 ide Extbrows issues VERI FIXE Set Chrome plugin version to 1.0 2013-01-24
224857 connecte Hudson jhavlin VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.hudson.ui.nodes.HudsonInstanceNode.getProjectInfoString 2013-01-21
224879 java Hints jlahoda VERI FIXE Incorrect unused assignment warning - regression from 7.2 2013-01-22
225107 java Source jlahoda VERI FIXE Pull Up Method To Abstract Super Class Ads Extraneous Comments 2013-01-23
224833 installe Code jrechtacek VERI FIXE Update Tomcat to 7.0.34 2013-01-16
225223 www Builds & jrechtacek VERI FIXE 7.3 RC1 jars do not contain debug symbols for local variables 2013-01-24
222483 ide Features jtulach VERI FIXE Incorrectly merged property bundles 2013-01-19
224108 serverpl GlassFis jtulach VERI FIXE Error generating WSDL 2013-04-15
224479 platform Module S jtulach VERI FIXE @OnStart not invoked on activation of a module: Code model disabled by default 2013-01-25
224832 platform Launcher lfischmeistr VERI FIXE NetBeans 7.3 RC1 executable files shows 7.2 information 2013-01-15
224710 javascri Document marfous VERI FIXE ClassPathProviderImpl.getJsStubs is slow yet called many times for single indexed file 2013-01-18
224750 debugger Java mentlicher VERI FIXE com.sun.jdi.ClassNotLoadedException: Class java.lang.Class not loaded 2013-01-16
224860 debugger Java mentlicher VERI FIXE java.lang.IllegalStateException: Toolkit not initialized 2013-01-25
225950 groovy Code mjanicek VERI FIXE Adding Groovy class to Web App Project messes up compilation class path 2013-02-14
223912 editor -- Other mmetelka VERI FIXE Enabling on save actions breaks Refactoring 2013-01-23
225087 editor -- Other mmetelka VERI FIXE Undo breaks the code after save when removing of trailing whitespaces on save is enabled 2013-01-25
225451 editor Painting mmetelka VERI FIXE IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid line index=1 >= lineCount=1 2013-02-14
225692 editor Painting mmetelka VERI FIXE Preview of fold text too narrow 2013-02-05
225549 php Editor obrejla VERI FIXE Quotes in php heredoc should not have to be escaped 2013-02-07
222130 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Navigator is flashing during changes in the editor. 2013-02-15
223776 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE poor performance in background scanning of files 2013-03-15
224688 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Long recursion during finding prototype chain 2013-01-15
225707 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Resolving types in model is very slow 2013-02-14
225865 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Editing a .js file, every character I type NetBeans make a "pause" with busy cursor to check autocomplete... 2013-02-14
221893 javafx Deployme psomol VERI FIXE Binary Encode JavaFX CSS files fails - jfxrt.jar needs to be on classpath 2013-02-14
225589 editor Parsing sdedic VERI FIXE Non-empty roots encountered while no projects are opened 2013-02-04
225592 web HTML Pro tmysik VERI FIXE Internal websocket server must only accept connections from localhost 2013-02-06
224783 editor Parsing tzezula VERI FIXE Rename Package Causes Phantom Error 2013-01-23
225181 groovy Editor tzezula VERI FIXE Error badges forces rescan of Grails project 2013-01-24
225186 javascri Editor tzezula VERI FIXE Registration of from indexer causes non needed scan 2013-01-25
225674 editor Parsing tzezula VERI FIXE Optimise DocumentIndex for indexer storing large number of small documents 2013-02-18
224876 webservi REST ads VERI FIXE Generating a JAX-RS client on a non-english system generates uncompilable code 2013-01-22
225126 profiler Base cyhelsky VERI FIXE NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.profiler.ExportAction.actionPerformed 2013-01-24
224938 java Editor dbalek VERI FIXE Deadlock AWT-EventQueue-0 <-> Code Completion 2013-02-08
221375 platform Output W jhavlin VERI FIXE Find action at Output view does not have Ctrl+F shortcut anymore 2013-01-25
224988 java Hints jlahoda VERI FIXE Null Pointer Dereference for @Nullable fields when field processing is disabled 2013-01-23
224377 platform Filesyst jtulach VERI FIXE Failing masterfs tests 2013-01-24
223764 groovy Code mjanicek VERI FIXE Groovy JUnit Test - default location is set to Source Packages 2013-01-18
224956 groovy Editor mjanicek VERI FIXE Annotation usage in groovy 2013-01-24
224757 apisuppo Template mkozeny VERI FIXE NPE from o.n.m.autoupdate.ui.actions.AutoupdateSettings.getSuperIdentity when starting CRUD sample 2013-01-21
218601 editor Painting mmetelka VERI FIXE IndexOutOfBoundsException: Invalid line index=212 >= lineCount=212 2013-02-06
224647 editor Navigati mmetelka VERI FIXE IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 6, Size: 6 2013-01-25
224760 editor Actions/ mmetelka VERI FIXE Bookmark symbol cannot be removed 2013-01-23
224086 www Builds & pgebauer VERI FIXE Not all licenses of plugin's components listed in plugin installation wizard 2013-01-25
223840 web HTML Pro pjiricka VERI FIXE Performance of embedded server on Windows 8 2013-01-27
224413 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE Warning on Current Line 'Global variable is not defined' doesn't work 2013-01-18
225195 javascri Editor ppisl VERI FIXE ClassCastException: org.netbeans.modules.javascript2.editor.model.impl.JsObjectImpl cannot be cast to org.netbeans.modules.javascript2.editor.model.DeclarationScope 2013-02-04
224139 web HTML Pro tmysik VERI FIXE Need to update CDNJS snapshot of JavaScript libraries to the latest version 2013-01-30
225280 ide Extbrows tmysik VERI FIXE I18N: WebStorePanel messages are garbled because ascii font is hardcoded 2013-01-28
218311 javame -- Other tzezula VERI FIXE KdpDebugTask do not attach debugger in some cases 2013-01-25
225021 editor Parsing tzezula VERI FIXE Long time spent in the LuceneIndex._store() by method removing the used data. 2013-01-25
225260 editor Parsing tzezula VERI FIXE Early cleaning of parser cache causes creation of a new instance of javac during groovy indexing 2013-01-24
219722 platform Lookup jtulach VERI FIXE InstanceCookie JavaDoc is not clear. 2013-01-16
225466 connecte Issuetra tstupka RESO DUPL NullPointerException at org.netbeans.modules.bugtracking.jira.DownloadPlugin$1$ 2013-02-13
59 bugs found.
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