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  • Bug ID: 150458, 158526, 157395, 157628, 171014, 171060, 172514, 172885, 187823, 188544, 181102, 256194, 152589, 250340, 192578, 196822, 155384

17 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
250340 python Projects mr_lou_d RESO FIXE Building egg fails with IOException: No such file or directory 2017-06-25
181102 python Options vincentvdl RESO FIXE Encoding exception in 2016-10-11
256194 python Projects ralphbenjamin CLOS FIXE Setuptools projects don't properly appear after creation on Windows 2017-06-23
157395 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE No CC for superclasses' methods/fields 2017-06-23
152589 python Projects vincentvdl CLOS FIXE I18N - project encoding property does not use feq default 2017-06-23
158526 python Editor ardavis26 CLOS FIXE Fields Attributes not managed, autocompetion error 2017-06-23
196822 python Code ardavis26 CLOS FIXE autocomplete broken when module in non-default source directory 2017-06-23
155384 python Platform mr_lou_d CLOS FIXE python platform containing space in path not detected 2017-06-23
150458 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE Tooltip add docstring recommended and does nothing 2017-06-22
157628 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE Mark occurrences misbehaves for "complex" expressions 2017-06-23
171014 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE Autocompletion doesn't work with dictionaries 2017-06-23
171060 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE Global variables in functions generate unwanted hints 2017-06-23
172514 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE Code completion don't see the assigned type 2017-06-23
187823 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE variable type hint is not module wide 2017-06-23
188544 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE line-by-line muting of reported errors (when no error exists) 2017-06-23
192578 python Code vincentvdl CLOS FIXE source encoding doesn't add declaration 2017-06-23
172885 python Editor tor CLOS FIXE Auto complete doesn't work if top level has, therefore treated as a package 2017-06-23
17 bugs found.
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