NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing Program 6.5 (NetCAT)

The NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program (NetCAT) is a testing initiative that typically starts with a Beta release and lasts until the first Release Candidate build. This takes 3 months on average. The basic idea is that a group of 60 volunteers from NetBeans community is using daily development builds and share their findings with NetBeans developers throughout the stabilization phase until predefined Quality Criteria are met.

This timely evaluation and testing of new features on real projects with real data has significant impact on overall stability of the final product. It's actually a win-win solution because NetBeans developers get to know about serious defects early enough to fix them and end users get matured IDE. Since its inception in 2004 NetCAT has gained a lot of recognition and became very popular and respected project among both NetBeans Engineering and NetBeans Community.

Would you like to provide your feedback on the quality of the NetBeans IDE 6.5 release? If you already tested the latest Release Candidate build please follow the link below to let us know what you think about it! The survey will be open till November 5th. Take NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance Survey.

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