The NetBeans Dream Team

They blog prolifically; write tutorials, books and magazine articles; create modules and applications; test the NetBeans IDE; contribute localizations; offer support on forums and mailing lists; and speak at user groups and developer conferences. Who are they? They are the NetBeans Dream Team, a community-driven group of highly skilled and passionate NetBeans users who go above and beyond for the NetBeans project. They are a stellar example of the dedication and innovation that have come to define the NetBeans community, and we thank them for all their hard work and support.

NetBeans Dream Team

Founding Members

New Members

  • Heiko Böck - Software Engineer, Author
  • Caoyuan Deng - Independent Developer
  • Tim Dudgeon - Consultant, Software Architect
  • Anton "Toni" Epple - Consultant, Blogger
  • Anuradha Gunasekara - Maven Support co-developer, NetCAT participant
  • Vy Ho - Senior Software Engineer/Lead
  • Tonny Kohar - Senior Software Engineer/Lead
  • Alex Kotchnev - Software Engineer, Blogger
  • Ryan de Laplante - Senior Developer, Blogger
  • Jacek Laskowski - Warszawa JUG leader, blogger, ASF committer, speaker
  • Adam Myatt - Principal Technologist, Author, Blogger
  • Miroslav Nachev - Senior Analyst, Software Architect & Senior Software Engineer
  • Michael Nascimento - Senior Technical Consultant, Blogger, Speaker & JUG Leader
  • Varun Nischal - Student, Module Developer, Blogger & NetBeans Community Docs Coordinator
  • Ernie Rael - Software Developer, Module Developer
  • Sven Reimers - Software Architect, System Engineer, Blogger
  • Kristian Rink - Software Architect, Writer, Blogger, JUG-Co-Organizer
  • Rich Unger - Senior Software Engineer, Blogger, Speaker, Writer, & Past Member of NetBeans Governance Board
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