NetBeans Community Acknowledgment

One more hurrah as the NetBeans 10th Birthday celebration comes to a close! And this one goes out to all the outstanding individuals who have been involved in the NetBeans project, from inception to present-day efforts. We want to recognize and thank some of them here.

FKA Xelfi

The brilliant young minds that launched the student project in 1996. They get an A+ from us!

  • Roman Blazevic
  • Filip Dvorak
  • Petr Hamernik
  • Jan Jancura
  • Jan Formanek
  • David Simonek
  • Jaroslav Tulach
  • Under the guidance of Adam Dingle.

NetBeans Inc.

To get noticed on the world stage, a student project needs caretakers and benefactors. The following people were instrumental in transforming NetBeans into an attractive start-up business that caught the industry's attention. See also: The NetBeans Open-Source Story ( article, 2001)

  • Jan Formanek
  • Roman Stanek
  • Helena Stolka
  • Jaroslav Tulach
  • Esther Dyson

Top line: Unknown, Petr Hamerník, Aleš Novák, Jack Catchpoole
Bottom line: Roman Staněk, Jan Formánek, Helena Stolka, Jan Jančura, Jaroslav Tulach, Unknown

NetBeans Open Source Community

In October 1999, Sun Microsystems acquired NetBeans with 40 employees, and in June 2000 made the project Open Source. Since then there have been countless talented and dedicated people who have helped the NetBeans project along the way. Some of our outstanding community members and their contributions:

  • Vincent Brabant - Web content contributor, early translator of NetBeans, and NetBeans community evangelist in France.
  • Wade Chandler - Active support role in the community, helped to define and establish the NetBeans Dream Team, judged the NetBeans Innovators Grant contest, and leads the PlatformX project.
  • Fabrizio Giudici - Superb enthusiasm for the NetBeans Platform, active community supporter and active Dream Team member.
  • Anuradha Gunasekara - Stellar testing efforts: bug fixing and API backward compatibility testing; cooperation on Maven integration.
  • Glenn Holmer - Solid and high quality help in all NetCAT programs, and outstanding support of community.
  • Jacek Laskowski - Top NetCAT 6.0 contributor and NetBeans community evangelist in Poland.
  • Maxym Mykhalchuk - The first and only community Release Boss (NetBeans 3.4.1) and also early leader of the localization effort into Russian.
  • Michael Santos Nascimento - Active participation during NetCAT 5.0.
  • Varun Nischal - Leadership in the Community Docs Contribution program and active Dream Team member.
  • Victor Manuel Ramirez, Sean Carrick, Michael Mellinger, John Halupka and Thomas Kellerer - Timely evaluation of community plugins and management of the NetBeans Plugin Portal Update Center.
  • Daniel Sheppard, Tetsu Soh and Holger Stenzhorn - Tremendous assistance with moderating the NetBeans public mailing lists, and participating in NetCAT programs.
  • Lluis Turro - NetCAT 3.6 top contributor and long time NetBeans supporter.
  • Tom Wheeler - Excellent community supporter and NetBeans Platform evangelist.
There are so many more people who have helped the NetBeans Project through this journey; although we cannot thank all by name they have our utmost gratitude. Thank you for ten amazing years!

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