An Archive of NetBeans Press Releases

This is an archive of official Press releases about NetBeans. If you'd like to add something to this list, or there's something we've missed, please let us know!

Press Releases
25 Mar 2014 Oracle Announces New NetBeans IDE Release with Comprehensive Support for Java 8
21 Oct 2013 Oracle Enhances Web & Mobile Application Development with NetBeans IDE 7.4
21 Feb 2013 Oracle Announces General Availability of NetBeans IDE 7.3
24 Jul 2012 Oracle Introduces NetBeans IDE 7.2
05 Jan 2012 NetBeans IDE 7.1 Now Available
04 Oct 2011 Oracle Previews NetBeans IDE 7.1: Delivers Support for JavaFX 2.0
20 Apr 2011 NetBeans IDE 7.0 Now Available
16 Jun 2010 Oracle Delivers NetBeans IDE 6.9: Expanding Support for JavaFX 1.3 and OSGi
10 Dec 2009 Sun Microsystems Releases NetBeans IDE 6.8
29 Jun 2009 Sun Microsystems Releases NetBeans 6.7; Enabling Millions of Developers to Connect Via NetBeans IDE and Project Kenai
18 Feb 2009 Sun Microsystems Announces NetBeans Partner Ecosystem's Strong Growth Provides More Choice and Features for Developers
19 Nov 2008 Live from Beijing China: Community to Launch NetBeans 6.5 IDE at Sun Tech Days Conference
29 Sep 2008 Sun Microsystems and the NetBeans Community Kick Off World Tour and Announce NetBeans Innovators Grant Winners
05 May 2008 Sun Microsystems and NetBeans Community Extend Reach to Scripting Community with Launch of NetBeans IDE Early Access for PHP
17 Mar 2008 NetBeans 6.1 IDE Beta Supports Wide Range of Open Source Scripting Technologies and Offers Tighter MySQL Database Integration
12 Dec 2007 NetBeans 6.0 Integrated Development Environment Ready for Action; General Availability Marks Latest Milestone from NetBeans Community
07 May 2007 NetBeans Community Embraces Scripting with NetBeans IDE 6.0 Preview Release
19 Apr 2007 Java Technologies Extend Global Distribution with Canonical's Latest Ubuntu Linux Release
06 Mar 2007 NetBeans Community Announces Support for Ruby and JRuby Programming Languages
01 Feb 2007 Sun and NetBeans Community Announce New Multi-Language Support for NetBeans Integrated Development Environment 5.5
18 Jan 2007 NetBeans IDE Momentum Continues with Availability of New Mobility Pack and Technology Contributions from Ricoh Corporation and Intland Software
06 Dec 2006 Sun Announces the Latest in Open Source Tools with the Availability of NetBeans Visual Web Pack and NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack
02 Nov 2006 Sun Announces New Programs, Services and Incentives for NetBeans Strategic Partner Community
30 Oct 2006 NetBeans Community Reaches Latest Milestone With General Availability of Open Source NetBeans 5.5 Integrated Development Environment
20 Sep 2006 Sun, University of Kent Make it Easy for Students to Learn the Java Programming Language
11 Sep 2006 Sun Microsystems' Java Technologies Awarded the Java Developer's Journal Editor's Choice
07 Sep 2006 Sun Teams with Red Hat to Integrate NetBeans and JBoss Application Server
24 Aug 2006 Sun Open Sources Java Mobile Edition Development Tool
22 Jun 2006 Sun Adds Java DB and Swing Visual Designer to Java Development Kit and Enters Next Phase for Java Platform Standard Edition 6
06 Jun 2006 Sun Announces JBoss as Newest Member to NetBeans Partner Program
19 May 2006 Sprint and Sun Microsystems Introduce Innovative Custom Development Solutions to Java ME Community
19 May 2006 SavaJe Unveils Most Sophisticated Java Powered Mobile Phone Allowing Developers to Create Advanced User Interfaces
18 May 2006 Sun and Orange Collaborate to Simplify Java ME Development
15 May 2006 Sun Introduces Four New Plug-ins for NetBeans IDE
03 May 2006 Sun Microsystems Invites Developers to the Third Annual NetBeans Day at the 2006 JavaOne Conference
27 Apr 2006 Sun Microsystems and Ricoh Strengthen Java ME Developer Community Offering with NetBeans Support for Ricoh SDK/J
11 Apr 2006 Sun Microsystems Announces Open Source Enterprise Development Tool Project
05 Apr 2006 NetBeans Extends Java Platform, Micro Edition Development Support to CDC
21 Mar 2006 Sun Microsystems Delivers A Complete SOA Solution for Power PC and Intel-Based Macintosh Developers
21 Mar 2006 Sun Microsystems Announces C/C++ Development Support for the Award-Winning NetBeans IDE
21 Mar 2006 Sun Microsystems, Genuitec Preview Innovative NetBeans GUI Builder for MyEclipse
21 Mar 2006 Sun Announces Update to Award-Winning Java Web Services Developer Pack
09 Mar 2006 NetBeans IDE to Provide Support for Leading Educational Tool
21 Feb 2006 Sun Microsystems Announces New Breakthrough Java Platform and Tools
02 Feb 2006 Sun Announces Release of Open Source NetBeans 5 IDE
27 Jan 2006 Sun Microsystems NetBeans Achieves Broad Developer Adoption
18 Jan 2006 Sun Microsystems Incorporates Open Java DB Into Java Enterprise System
22 Dec 2005 Sun Microsystems Introduces NetBeans Profiler Milestone 11 for Optimized Java Application Run-Time Monitoring
06 Dec 2005 Sun Microsystems Makes NetBeans(TM) IDE Available at No Cost to Every Developer, Everywhere Around the Globe
23 Jun 2005 Sun Launches New Initiatives for Developer Community at JavaOne 2005 Conference
16 May 2005 NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) First Free Tool Offering Complete Java Platform Support
14 Dec 2004 Sun Unveils NetBeans IDE 4.0 at JavaPolis 2004
29 Jun 2004 Sun Unveils NetBeans 4.0 at NetBeans Software Day Event; James Gosling, Tools Cto, To Keynote
13 Apr 2004 NetBeans IDE 3.6 Platform - Supporting Applications From Mobile Devices To Multi-Tier Enterprise System - Now Available
04 Mar 2004 Sun Microsystems' NetBeans IDE Wins Java Developer Journal Readers' Choice Awards
06 Feb 2004 NetBeans IDE 3.6 Beta Now Available For Download
14 Jan 2004 Sun Microsystems, Developer Community and Commercial Vendors Fuel - the Premier Java Technology Tools Framework
16 Oct 2003 Sun Microsystems Launches Premier Open Source And Commercial Java Tools For Chinese Developers
04 Sep 2003 Availability of NetBeans IDE 3.5.1 (ML) Co-Bundle With J2SE 1.4.2
31 Jul 2003 NetBeans 3.5.1 Release: Japanese Edition & English Font Fix
09 Jun 2003 NetBeans 3.5 Release: Designed for Speed
23 Jan 2003 NetBeans IDE 3.4.1 has been released in a complete community effort
27 Aug 2002 NetBeans Software Release 3.4 Available
15 Aug 2002 NetBeans Open Source Project Expands Functionality With 18 New Contributions
07 May 2002 NetBeans - First Open Source Tools Platform to Implement Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
26 Mar 2002 "Built On NetBeans" Program at the JavaOne Conference Showcases Product Innovation Based on NetBeans Open Source Platform
04 Mar 2002 Fresher to Integrate Matisse Database and Sun's Forte™ for Java™ IDE to Reduce Development Time, Boost Application Performance
08 Jan 2002 Forte For Java IDE Wins 2002 Crossroads A-List Award
07 Jun 2001 NetBeans' Jaroslav Tulach Wins JavaPro Community Award
21 May 2001 -- Expands Functionality With More Than a Dozen Major Community Contributions
07 Feb 2001 NetBeans Framework Wins Crossroads 2001 A-List Award
07 Jun 2000 Sun Microsystems and Industry Leaders Join Forces to Revolutionise Software Development
13 Mar 2000 Sun Microsystems Announces Plans to Release Cross-Platform Java Development Tool Code to Open Source Community
03 Dec 1999 Imperial Software Technology's Visaj GUI Builder Now Integrated With Sun's NetBeans
20 Oct 1999 Sun Microsystems Acquires NetBeans
07 Jul 1999 GemStone and NetBeans Create Strategic Alliance to Bring Seamless Deployment for Enterprise JavaBeans Applications.
22 Apr 1999 NetBeans Gets Serious As Esther Dyson Comes Aboard
02 Mar 1999 NetBeans Ships One of the First Cross-Platfrom IDEs To Support Java 2
26 Oct 1998 NetBeans Announces Final Release of Java Based IDE, NetBeans Developer 2.0
22 Sep 1998 NetBeans Bundles Cloudscape with Leading Programming Environment
31 Aug 1998 NetBeans and NetSales Team Up

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