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SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 29, 2002 � Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that a large and growing number of vendors are shipping products or plug-in modules that extend the Forte� for Java[tm] integrated development environment (IDE), a completely standards-based, modular tools product based on the NetBeans� open source platform. By building new plug-ins for the Forte for Java IDE, third-party companies and developers are delivering a wide range of functionality for customers to easily build, assemble, and deploy enterprise applications and services on demand in Sun's Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) and across multiple hardware and software platforms.

The third-party companies providing this enhanced functionality are members of the Forte for Java Extension Partner Program. The program exists to assist these independent software vendors (ISVs) to extend the Forte for Java IDE with unique capabilities. These companies are an extremely valuable asset to the Forte for Java IDE community, making it possible to provide broader development and application solutions by adding innovative technologies and practices to the core product.

"We congratulate these innovative companies that early on recognized the merits of a modular architecture and open source platform for building intelligent tools in the era of services on demand," said Peter Young, vice president, Forte Tools, Sun Microsystems. "Open source developers and partner companies have helped Sun deliver an unprecedented rate of innovation through the Forte for Java IDE. This relationship is mutually beneficial and leads to better quality products for customers, and a more flexible and innovative Java platform for developers."

The success of the Forte for Java Extension Partner Program and the NetBeans community underscores the ongoing momentum that developers are creating around Java language development throughout the industry, and stands in stark contrast to the closed, proprietary approach taken by other vendors. The NetBeans community, now in its eighteenth month of existence, continues to experience explosive growth as a vibrant catalyst for developer innovation. The Netbeans open source project has several thousand registered particpants representing more than 1200 different organizations.

"Sun's dual strategy, leveraging its commercial products as well as open source efforts, fosters an atmosphere of rapid innovation and collaboration," said Cathy Lippert, director, Product Management, Compuware Corporation. "Our OptimalJ product, built on NetBeans, is a perfect example. The solution accelerates application delivery by simplifying Java technology development, enabling developers of varying experience levels to rapidly produce reliable J2EE business applications."

Forte for Java, Enterprise Edition Forte for Java, release 3.0, Enterprise Edition ( supports and dramatically simplifies application development that uses Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE�) technologies, such as Enterprise JavaBean� (EJB�) components. The IDE is a core component of Sun ONE, is built on NetBeans, supports deployment to leading J2EE application servers, and has been optimized specifically for Sun's iPlanet� Application Server 6.0 to enable developers to target their applications for maximum performance, scalability and availability.

Third Party Providers Shipping Product Third party ISVs focus on adding unique features and capabilities to the Forte for Java IDE, contributing their expertise in areas such as wireless development, modeling, lifecycle management and other technologies.

The following partners are currently shipping stand-alone products or plug-in modules that can be integrated with the Forte for Java IDE:

Compuware ( - Compuware OptimalJ provides a simple and easy, yet powerful way to write distributed Java applications without involving developers in the details of the J2EE architecture. Less experienced Java language developers can quickly build or modify business applications, while advanced developers are freed from many repetitive coding tasks and can focus on architecture refinements and customization.

Embarcadero Technologies ( - Embarcadero's Describe is a robust UML design tool that functions stand-alone or fully integrated within the Forte for Java IDE. It provides full unified modeling language (UML) support, collaborative design capability, lifecycle integrations and automated EJB deployment to leading application servers. By combining UML and a set of powerful visual tools for manipulating code directly within the IDE environment, Describe dramatically simplifies application design and implementation.

Headway ( - Headway reView is a source code visualization and comprehension tool for Java technology. Headway reView parses class files and source code to reverse engineer a visual representation of the composition and dependencies of the application. The Headway reView diagrams are visual environments in which developers can gain a truer understanding of how their applications are or should be structured. Headway reView is the first visual tool to be able to show all dependencies, at all levels and between all levels: method, class, package and application.

Intrinsyc ( - Intrinsyc's J-Integra Plug-In, an extension to the Forte for Java IDE, allows Java language developers to program with Microsoft COM-based systems directly from the Forte environment and menu system. Benefits of the J-Integra Plug-In include easy access to J-Integra tools, an elegant mapping of COM types and a customizable, extensible environment.

Iopsis ( - Iopsis iNsight is an integrated services development framework (ISDF) that allows the creation, assembly, deployment and publication of Web services. iNsight leverages the existing framework of an IDE and provides users a unique "service-centric" approach to the Web service creation lifecycle. iNsight also comes with a service consumption tool called iTell, which allows users to create a presentation layer and plug in remote Web services to user interfaces created in Macromedia's Dreamweaver.

LogicFlow ( - LogicFlow offers users of the Forte for Java IDE tools that assist in Jboss/J2EE development. The company's EJB Templates provide skeletons of required files including a deployment descriptor and "JAWS" mapping file. These free templates generate EJB 1.1-compliant code and can be used with any compliant container. JBoss EJB Templates save development and training time. The Ambit/J Bean Generator - Entity EJB 1.1 Wizard produces EJB 1.1-compliant code and, integrated with JBoss, produces the required "JAWS" file JBoss uses for CMP Beans and deploys directly to JBoss.

Lutris ( - Lutris EAS 4 is a Java/XML application server featuring support for the J2EE APIs implemented as modular, pluggable components in a Java Services framework. Designed and developed for the needs of ISVs, VARs and system integrators, Lutris EAS simplifies the task of migrating legacy applications. All applications fully participate in the Java Management Extensions (JMX) management view with enterprise quality session level failover, and have complete access to built-in support for wireless and voice presentation technology.

NetClue ( - NetClue's Clue Web Browser Components (WBC) provide a clean solution for developers to harness HTML in Java technology applications. Clue WBC are completely written in the Java language and support the latest Web standards such as cascading style sheet (CSS) level 1 and 2, document object model (DOM), Javascript, XML, XHTML and namespaces. Clue WBC 4.1 can also import customized user interfaces, making Clue WBC an ideal front-end solution for Web applications. NetClue provides free companion software to use Clue WBC as a NetBeans module.

Software AG ( - Tamino for Forte for Java enables Java language developers to very easily implement XML-enabled enterprise solutions by specifying an XML schema around which a functional Java technology application is automatically created at the push of a button. This saves the developer time and effort in writing and debugging Java code and screen layouts. The resulting Java code is then easily enhanced with the Forte for Java IDE.

Systinet ( - Systinet Web Applications and Services Platform (WASP) is an enterprise-ready Web services infrastructure. WASP provides everything developers need to create, publish, discover and use Web services. WASP Developer is a unique set of tools for the Forte for Java IDE and NetBeans as well as other development environments. WASP Server is a complete Web services platform for Java or C++, supporting SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1, remote references and advanced security. WASP UDDI is a V2 compliant registry that offers enhanced security and privacy features.

Yospace ( - The SmartPhone Emulator module from Yospace provides developers using the Forte for Java IDE with a wireless application protocol (WAP) content viewer that emulates many of the world's leading WAP handsets. The seamless integration of this preview technology speeds the development cycle, making the Forte for Java IDE an ideal choice for wireless development.

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