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Sun Microsystems Announces NetBeans Partner Ecosystem's Strong Growth Provides More Choice and Features for Developers

Sun Microsystems' Partner Advantage Program Adds Netbeans Partner Program to its Portfolio

SANTA CLARA, CA February 17, 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: JAVA), and the NetBeans Community today announced new third-party support for the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE). These new modeling, business intelligence and mobile application development partner offerings continue to enhance the productivity and choice that developers have with the NetBeans platform.

"The contributions that the community and our partners make are instrumental to ensure that NetBeans remains the development platform of choice for our large and rapidly growing user base," said Jim Parkinson, vice president Cloud Computing Engineering, Sun Microsystems. "We are pleased to include these contributions from Visual Paradigm, Mobile Distillery and Elixir Technology to the portfolio of third-party applications as NetBeans continues to influence and define the market."

Visual Paradigm International Ltd., announced its release of the award winning modeling extension for the NetBeans IDE, Visual Paradigm Smart Development Environment (SDE). A leading vendor in modeling solutions, Visual Paradigm's offering helps ensure NetBeans developers have access to advanced UML functionality, in addition to the current UML functionality in NetBeans. "Keeping in sync between developers source code and UML models is a tedious job. Visual Paradigm SDE seamlessly integrated with NetBeans, enhances the entire model-build-deploy software development process," said Angus Chan, chief technology officer, Visual Paradigm.

Mobile Distillery, a leading specialist in software solutions for mobile application production and testing services, announced its availability of a new NetBeans plug-in. This plug-in allows developers to use the latest version of Celsius, Mobile Distillery's award winning mobile development and automated porting suite, directly from within the NetBeans development environment. "We are delighted to be able to provide developers using NetBeans with the ability to easily develop and automatically port optimized version of their mobile applications to the broadest range of compatible devices worldwide, in just a few clicks," said Eric Lemaréchal, co-founder and chief operating officer of Mobile Distillery. "Developers can now ensure compatibility of their applications on existing handsets and new devices as they come to market, generating significant time and cost savings."

Elixir Technology, a leading provider of Integrated Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, announced their freely available NetBeans 6.5 plug-in for their latest release of Elixir Repertoire. The plug-in provides a set of features for NetBeans users to incorporate integrated BI features within their applications developed in NetBeans. "As a strategic partner of the NetBeans community, we are pleased to offer a freely available plug-in for the NetBeans platform," said Shih-Hor Lau, chief executive officer, Elixir Technology. "NetBeans developers can easily leverage our underlying REST based API to quickly implement their BI functionality in their application using Web enabled technologies like Java, Ruby and Ajax with simple Web services paradigms."

With the continued growth of the NetBeans partner ecosystem and to ensure more support for the NetBeans partner community, Sun also announced that the NetBeans Partner Program will merge with the Sun Partner Advantage Program. The Sun Partner Advantage Program is based on progressive membership levels and addresses a wide range of partner engagement models. The program enables partners to collaborte with Sun to help create demand and leverage Sun's entire portfolio of offerings.

"We are excited about getting early feedback from our partners who join the Sun Partner Advantage program and to integrate their recommendations into a program that is best suited for their needs," said Ashwin Rao, NetBeans Marketing Manager. Click here to learn more.

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