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NetBeans Software Release 3.4 Available

NetBeans 3.4 offers improved performance and new features to help YOU be more productive.


  • Pop-up Javadoc documentation - NetBeans' already excellent code completion now displays documentation for classes as you navigate them, resulting in fewer missteps during development.
  • Live parsing and error marking - syntactical and semantic errors are highlighted as you type. Where before you might need to recompile to find simple typos and minor errors, you now get instant feedback.
  • Completely redesigned debugger user interface.
  • New editor toolbar for fast navigation to class members and easy access to powerful editor features.
  • Drag and drop support - drag tabs between windows to customize your desktop (JDK 1.4.1 only on Windows); drag tree nodes such as methods and fields between classes and more.
  • Windowing system improvements to use screen space more efficiently.
  • Close buttons on tabs in the editor and elsewhere.

You also get all of the features you've already come to expect in NetBeans, such as CVS support, code completion, JSP & Servlet, CORBA, RMI, JDBC support, and support for multiple JDKs.

The new module catalogue is also available

and for more free and commercial extensions try:

You can also build NetBeans 3.4 software from sources, or get the 3.4 release of the NetBeans platform for building custom applications. See the development download page:

The NetBeans IDE 3.4 can be downloaded from:

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