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GemStone and NetBeans Create Strategic Alliance to Bring Seamless Deployment for Enterprise JavaBeans Applications.

JUL 7, 1999, M2 Communications - Application Development '99, Westminster, London, 5th-9th July, 1999 -- GemStone Systems has announced a strategic alliance with NetBeans, an innovative Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) vendor. Written in the Java language, NetBeans Developer Enterprise 3.0 is one of the first tools to merge the power of a cross-platform development environment with enterprise middleware based on Enterprise JavaBeans technology (EJBs), CORBA, Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and XML standards. By integrating NetBeans Developer Enterprise 3.0 and GemStone/J 3.0, developers now have a seamless EJB design flow from IDE through deployment in GemStone/J 3.0.

By integrating EJB, CORBA, RMI and XML standards under a robust, object-oriented environment, NetBeans Enterprise allows developers to focus on writing the business logic of distributed applications and dramatically decreases the development time associated with creation and maintenance of code. NetBeans Enterprise includes wizards to quickly create entity and session beans and uses the underlying object technology to automatically maintain the complex dependencies across interfaces. Using XML, a developer can create deployment descriptors for specific deployment configurations and then, with one click, deploy the EJB into the GemStone/J application server.

"GemStone is pleased to partner with NetBeans. The integration between NetBeans and GemStone/J gives developers a clean development flow from IDE to EJB server, removing the need for developers to build the EJB infrastructure themselves," said Phillip Bride, director of product marketing at GemStone Systems, Inc. "Developers can take advantage of the wizards and tools within NetBeans to build entity and session beans for their application and deploy them seamlessly into GemStone/j" By generating the appropriate EJB artifacts directly in the IDE, the developer's tasks are simplified. The developer can focus on the EJB functions and not worry about EJB container- specific issues. All of the EJB required interfaces and container callbacks are auto-generated for the developer and are inserted into a container-ready JAR file for deployment. The developer's beans can then be deployed directly into the GemStone/J 3.0 EJB container platform for execution.

"With the Developer 3.0 suite, NetBeans is putting the power in the hands of the Java technology developer by not only providing support for the latest Java technology like EJB and Java 2," said Roman Stanek, CEO and founder of NetBeans. "We are also giving them the freedom to build their own IDE by selecting the modules they need, customizing the entire interface, or developing their own extensions through our open APIs. No other development environment offers this flexibility."

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