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NetBeans Gets Serious As Esther Dyson Comes Aboard

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, 1999 APR 22 (Newsbytes) -- By Sylvia Dennis, Newsbytes. NetBeans, the rising Java specialist star of the Czech Republic, is to get a new board director and investor, Esther Dyson.

Dyson, who is renowned as an expert in Internet matters on the US conference circuit, has been investigating and speaking on Eastern European affairs in some depth in the last 12 months to 18 months. It now seems as though her interests in the area have crystallized.

The addition of Dyson to the NetBeans board coincides with the shipment of the beta edition of the application programming interface (API) for Gandalf, the Czech firm's next generation Java development platform.

According to NetBeans, if all goes well with the beta test edition of its software, the commercial version of NetBeans will ship in a June or July timeframe.

NetBeans says that, in parallel with these two events, it just received the latest round of funding for its development, although the precise value of funding has not been announced.

According to Ian Formanek, NetBeans' vice president of development, Gandalf sees the company support all the openness and performance of Java, as seen in Java 2.

"We're excited about the possibilities we have with this latest evolution of the Java platform, features like built-in JFC, collections, drag and drop, weak references, and others allow us make this version of our integrated development environment (IDE) even better," he said.

Formanek went on to say that the firm has also been observing significant increases in performance due to the redesign and improvements in Java Virtual Machine technology.

NetBeans says that its latest round of financing will be used for the continued development and marketing of its second round of Java products, including Gandalf and the forthcoming NetBeans Enterprise IDE, the beta of which is due later this (second) quarter.

At its core, Gandalf is a Java IDE built on top of Sun's Java 2 platform and includes a set of open APIs that developers and organizations are using to build tightly integrated modules that extend the IDE.

NetBeans currently offers developers a full-featured IDE called NetBeans Developer, that allows rapid and visual construction of Java applications on any platform that has a valid JDK. The IDE has been acclaimed by Java developers worldwide.

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