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NetBeans Framework Wins Crossroads 2001 A-List Award

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- February 7, 2001 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that the NetBeans[tm] Open Source Project ( has received a Crossroads 2001 A-List Award in the Open Source Java IDE (integrated development environment) category. This honor, awarded by Open Systems Advisors, Inc. (OSA), is based on the real-world experience of a number of global 2000 companies that have implemented or are piloting applications developed with tools based on the NetBeans framework.

The Crossroads A-List Awards clearly outline the business benefits, concisely summarize the technology differentiators, validate solutions with real customer experiences and provide a basis for informed dialogue between business and technology partners.

"The NetBeans framework is a good fit for software development tools vendors, systems integrators and individual developers committed to Java[tm] technology standards and the open source approach," according to Nina G. Lytton, President of Open Systems Advisors, Inc. and Editor of the Crossroads A-List Awards. "By leveraging the NetBeans framework, developers can focus on adding unique features to their applications, rather than reinventing basic functionality. The economics of open source will eventually translate to lower cost of ownership for enterprise buyers."

Based on extensive user interviews, OSA reported that "NetBeans has the high-quality code base it takes to get an open-source community off the ground. Whether they are pioneers or newcomers to the open source movement, NetBeans users say the pros are overwhelming."

In addition, vendors who have adopted the NetBeans framework point out that an open-source platform allows them to better concentrate development on their products? added value. They cite the absence of restrictive licensing agreements and vendor lock-in as key benefits. The ability to openly exchange modules and components with other developers also helps speed development time.

Users also gave the NetBeans application programming interfaces (APIs) high marks for usability and extensibility. In fact, the NetBeans application uses its own framework to implement 80 percent of its code. Sun Microsystems' own development toolset, the Forte[tm] for Java[tm] product, is based on the NetBeans framework.

"The fact that the NetBeans framework was recognized as a Crossroads A-List winner underscores the power and flexibility of the tools based on the framework," said Stans Kleijnen, Vice President, Forte Tools, Sun Microsystems. "Clearly the open source community has already embraced this platform, and now vendors are recognizing the benefits of building tools and modules without fear of being locked into proprietary technology."

About the Crossroads A-List Awards
The Crossroads A-List Awards focus on enterprise computing, the integrated system supporting the business process from the supply chain through the back office all the way to customer interaction. Winners are determined after a detailed review of the vendors' products or services and strategies. In-depth, confidential interviews with experienced customers are the cornerstone of the judgment process.

Winners of the Crossroads 2001 A-List Awards and their customers will be recognized at the Crossroads Conference to be held March 18-21, 2001 at the Wigwam Resort in Phoenix, Ariz.

About Open Systems Advisors, Inc. and the Crossroads Research Program
Founded in 1989, Open Systems Advisors, Inc. provides a real-world perspective on using new technology in business. OSA's research is based on an ongoing and in-depth dialogue with hundreds of seasoned IT executives and business leaders who are using emerging technologies to achieve business results. OSA reports the Crossroads Decisions, awards the Crossroads A-List and produces the Crossroads Conference. For additional information, contact the company at: Open Systems Advisors, Inc., 268 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116, 617/859-0859; About Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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