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Imperial Software Technology's Visaj GUI Builder Now Integrated With Sun's NetBeans

NEW YORK, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Imperial Software Technology today announced at the Java Business Expo that Visaj®, its visual application builder for Java, is being integrated with Sun's NetBeans Java IDE, (recently renamed Forte for Java). Now developers can build first-class graphical user interfaces to their Java applications and Applets built with NetBeans. Because Visaj is also 100% Pure Java™, it can be used in any development environment or platform that supports Java.

"Visaj is recognized as the leading tool for building the all-important Graphical User Interface for Java applications and applets. Now NetBeans developers have the advantage of the power of the Visaj GUI features. This is an important step which establishes Visaj as the visual builder standard for Java," said Derek Lambert, President and CEO of Imperial Software Technology.

"This integration with NetBeans is the latest in a line of co-operative moves. As it generates Java source code, Visaj can already be used with all Java IDEs, but we are now offering tighter, slicker integrations with TakeFive's SNiFF+J, Sun's Java WorkShop and now NetBeans," said Neil Smyth, Director of Business Development at Imperial Software Technology.

Powerful Features and Runs Anywhere with Any IDE Visaj was created to enhance developer's productivity for building pure Java applications. Visaj complements the user's choice of IDE by providing advanced visual building capabilities often lacking in standard IDEs. Visaj features a fast, intuitive "point-and-click" environment, generating pure Java source code for truly platform-independent computing solutions. The product's open environment runs anywhere, supports Java 2 and JFC/Swing components, integrates visible and invisible beans, and integrates with IDEs such as Sun's Java WorkShop, TakeFive's SNiFF+J and now NetBeans. Visaj 2.0 has a number of unique features designed specifically to enhance the productivity of programmers writing for the Java platform, enabling them to make full use of its features and facilities which include Extensive JFC/Swing Support, giving the developer the ability to automatically load and access the entire set of Swing components, Advanced Layout Editors that complement Swing support by allowing more complex layouts to be constructed visually, including visual representation of glue and strut components, and an Advanced Image Editor, unique to Java development tools of this class, the Image Editor is powerful and feature rich. Also provided is Graphical Event "Hot-Wiring," making configuring events fast and easy. Bridging from Motif and Java WorkShop 2GUIs -- Visaj allows programmers using IST's award-winning X-Designer Motif GUI builder the ability to import interface designs from existing Motif applications and to bridge Sun JWS 2 GUIs to Swing.

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