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Sun and Orange Collaborate to Simplify Java ME Development

Partnership Smooths Path to Market for Developers

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. JAVAONE CONFERENCE, May 18, 2006 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), the creator and leading advocate of Java technology, today announced it is partnering with Orange to simplify the Java Micro Edition (Java ME) application development environment, with NetBeans. The companies will collaborate to provide guidelines and tools, in order to streamline the delivery of quality applications for the widest range of mobile devices.

Sun and Orange will combine their expert resources in Java ME application development in order to deliver a Best Practice Design Guidelines document intended for the developer community to help developers create applications that require fewer versions to run on more handsets. The companies will conduct device testing using Sun's Java Device Test Suite to increase the quality of the Java ME technology implementation on terminals and phones. This testing will result in a version of NetBeans Mobility Pack which reflects and accommodates Best Practices, and is designed to provide operators with a higher level of confidence in their products.

"By collaborating with Orange, our objective is to accelerate time to revenue for developers by streamlining the application development process and enabling applications to address the widest possible segment of the subscriber base," said Alan Brenner, vice president, Sun Client Systems Group. "Our efforts with Orange should ultimately reduce the amount of application testing required and improve economies of production for Java ME developers."

Java ME is the leading mobile application development environment among operators, and today enjoys the highest penetration of devices worldwide, with the most available applications and the largest developer community. Sun's partnership with Orange represents an investment to drive decreasing application development and lifecycle costs, increasing application portability, and increasing terminal application platform consistency and quality. The overarching objective of the Sun-Orange partnership is to increase customer satisfaction, as well as the average revenue per user.

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