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Sun Microsystems Introduces NetBeans Profiler Milestone 11 for Optimized Java Application Run-Time Monitoring

Sun Microsystems Introduces NetBeans Profiler Milestone 11 for Optimized Java Application Run-Time Monitoring

NetBeans Profiler Provides Tighter Control During the Development Process; Supports Java SE 5 Applications on Leading Platforms Including New Support for Mac OS X

MENLO PARK, Calif., Dec. 13 - Sun Microsystems Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW), the creator and leading advocate of Java technology, today announced NetBeans Profiler Milestone 11, the latest release of its high-performance Java application profiler, and an add-on to the upcoming open source NetBeans IDE release 5. Application profilers are crucial to building reliable, scalable applications as they provide information about the run-time behavior of applications. The new version of the NetBeans Profiler will help optimize the Java application development process by providing tighter run-time monitoring of CPU, memory, and threads, in addition to new early access support for the Mac OS X.

As a collaboration between Sun's research arm and its open source NetBeans Software team, the Profiler is add-on technology to the NetBeans integrated development environment, which serves as the foundation of development tools for both the Java Enterprise System (JES) and Solaris Enterprise System (SES). The NetBeans Profiler has been architected from the outset to deliver low-overhead profiling, tight integration with the Java platform, and support for profiling of all types of applications: desktop, web, and enterprise. In addition to early access support for Java profiling on Mac OS X, the latest release of the NetBeans Profiler provides continued support for Java Platform, Standard Edition 5 (Java SE 5) applications running on the Solaris Operating System (OS), Windows and Linux.

The NetBeans Profiler is based on profiling technology originally developed in Sun Laboratories. This technology uses dynamic bytecode instrumentation to allow for profiling with dramatically lower overhead, giving the ability to obtain results in situations where the use of other profilers becomes unpractical or impossible. Profiling an example application from the Java SE 5 JDK, the NetBeans Profiler imposed only 10% of the overhead of traditional Java profilers.

"The key challenges facing Java developers trying to improve performance in their applications are that traditional profilers introduce excessive overhead and overwhelm developers with too much information," says Tim Cramer, Director of NetBeans Engineering. "We have enhanced the developer workflow by adding the profiler capability to the NetBeans IDE. Now developers can edit, compile, debug, test and profile leading to more robust applications."

The NetBeans IDE has seen significant increases in user adoption over the last 18 months. Release 5 of the NetBeans IDE, scheduled for early 2006, will accelerate that trend by providing additional unique feature enhancements: code aware developer collaboration, a new visual GUI development tool (Project Matisse), leading edge tools for developing mobile applications, and the NetBeans Profiler. Adding the profiler to the mix of tools available to the developer in the NetBeans IDE, enhances developer workflow, changing the model from edit/compile/test/debug to edit/compile/test/debug/profile, leading to more robust applications.

In addition to this momentum with IDE features, and users, the NetBeans Platform has seen increased interest and support among industry partners, including one of Sun's newest acquisitions, SeeBeyond.

"Long before SeeBeyond joined forces with Sun, it supported the NetBeans Platform," says Jerry Waldorf, Chief Architect of the Integration Platform, Sun Microsystems. "Several years ago, SeeBeyond chose to build its toolset on the NetBeans Platform, because of the extensibility and ease-of-use. The SeeBeyond Integration Products require a high performance, fully featured platform that can integrate seamlessly with the offering. The NetBeans Platform continues to deliver that and more."

For more information the features available in NetBeans Profiler 11, please visit The NetBeans Profiler 11 is available for download at

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