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NetBeans IDE 3.6 Platform - Supporting Applications From Mobile Devices To Multi-Tier Enterprise System - Now Available

New NetBeans Release Provides Better Integration to Build Web, Rich Desktop and Mobile Java Technology Applications

April 13, 2004

The NetBeans[tm] Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 3.6 is now available. The award-winning NetBeans IDE provides a pure Java technology development environment for Windows, Linux, the Solaris[tm] Operating System or Mac OS X. The demand for NetBeans 3.6, the most current version of the NetBeans software, underscores the popularity of the IDE, with approximately 40,000 downloads of its Early Access version since its release in February 2004. More than 22,000 developers have already signed up for the General Availability release, which is now available for download at:

Over the last year the community has been driving tremendous innovation on the NetBeans Platform and building considerable partner and community momentum. The NetBeans IDE version 3.6 provides a broad variety of functionality that accelerates the development of advanced Web-based applications, desktop graphical interfaces and mobile clients. This new release enhances developer productivity and provides continued support for the latest Java standards.

"NetBeans provides the developer community with a highly productive tool for creating applications targeted to many different areas of the Java platform," said Steve Wilson, Director of NetBeans Technology. "It's exciting to see that the Sun Java Studio Creator product, which just entered Early Access, is already leveraging key pieces of technology that are part of the NetBeans 3.6 Platform in order to provide a new class of powerful Java developer tools."

The NetBeans Platform is the foundation for Sun's developer tools strategy and the entire Sun Java Studio product line, including the Sun Java Studio Creator offering. With the recent news of its Early Access release, the Java Studio Creator tool takes advantage of the new features in the NetBeans version 3.6 code base, including stronger syntax for the JavaServer Pages[tm] (JSPTM) technology support in the code editor, improved code completion and an enhanced debugger. With Java and NetBeans as foundation technologies, the Sun Java Studio product line enables developers to prototype quickly and easily using the Java Studio Creator tool, then move up to Java Studio Enterprise to extend application functionality. These products are tightly integrated with the Sun Java[tm] Enterprise System, which provides an integrated, open, standards-based software system that delivers a core set of industry-leading shared enterprise network services that every business needs.

With the NetBeans IDE 3.6, and Sun Microsystems have made significant enhancements to this popular IDE for the Java platform. Whether building Java technology-based components, Web-based applications, rich desktop clients or mobile applications, NetBeans IDE 3.6 includes the following new features and functionality:

  • A new windowing system, providing native look and feel
  • Enhanced navigation and workflow
  • Two-tier Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE)TM 1.4 support (servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 specification)
  • Improved JSP specification debugging with JSR 45 support
  • Available bundled with Sun Java System ApplicationServer, Platform Edition 8
  • Available bundled with Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)TM 1.4.2
  • Support for J2SE 1.5 beta version
  • Code editor enhancements such as Smart Brackets and Code Folding
  • Improved online help with JavaHelpTM 2.0 integration tool
Commercial Vendor Support Enriches Community

With more than 100 partners and 27,000 registered developers contributing to this thriving open source community, the NetBeans Platform continues to be enhanced and extended to support end-to-end development, from servers to traditional clients to mobile devices. The community is made up of individual developers as well as Java technology-based tools industry leaders including AccuRev, Embarcadero, Openwave, and Quest Software.

"AccuRev is extremely pleased with the rich feature set provided by the NetBeans 3.6 platform," said Damon Poole, chief technology officer of AccuRev. "This is an exceptional opportunity to easily integrate our award-winning configuration management system with NetBeans' cutting edge environment. We fully embrace Sun's ongoing commitment to the Java development community and look forward to working together on further extending our configuration management capabilities to developers."

"With the NetBeans IDE we developed Embarcadero Extreme Test, a pure Java technology-based product offering an integrated environment that facilitates an end-to-end performance testing solution," said Wayne Williams, chief technology officer of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. "Unlike proprietary IDE frameworks, NetBeans provided us the flexibility to facilitate the development of large and complex Java technology-based software projects demanded by testing professionals."

With more than half a billion mobile phones utilizing our client software, we applaud efforts to distribute enhanced tools to the growing mobile developer community," said Gina Centoni, vice president, Openwave Developer Network. "Combined with the latest version of Openwave Mobile SDK, these open source Java technology-based tools will greatly contribute to application development."

"Quest Software is committed to helping developers improve productivity and code quality," said Steve Stover, chief technology officer, development solutions, Quest Software. "Quest JClass Java technology components easily integrate with the NetBeans IDE, adding pre-built components such as charts and reports to the developer's palette. By combining JClass' advanced WYSIWYG design tools with the NetBeans IDE's leading framework, developers can construct higher-quality enterprise applications faster than ever."


Founded by Sun Microsystems and launched in June 2000, is the home of the NetBeans technology-based open source Java technology tools code base and community. A vibrant global development community, is dedicated to providing trusted, standards-based software development products that address the needs of developers, users and organizations that rely on the NetBeans platform as a basis for their products. Since the NetBeans platform is written entirely in the Java language, NetBeans runs on any operating system with a Java 2 technology-compatible Java Virtual Machine. This includes the Solaris Operating System, Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms. Accordingly, NetBeans can be used to create applications that run on any Java platform.

Information on the NetBeans Platform, specifications and development builds is available on the website.

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