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NetBeans Software and Community Named Finalist for Codie Awards and Registers 1.8 Million Downloads of Latest Version; Third-Party Support Forms Cornerstone of Community

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jan. 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SUNW - News), the creator and leading advocate of Java(TM) technology, and the open source community, today announced that the NetBeans(TM) software and community have been named a finalist in two categories for the 19th Annual Codie Awards: Best Software Development Product and Best Open Source Project or Service. The demand for NetBeans 3.5, the most current version of the NetBeans software, underscores the momentum of the platform, with approximately 1.8 million downloads since its June 2003 release. According to the Software & Information Industry Association (, the NetBeans software and community was selected as a Codie finalist from more than 800 nominations by over 600 companies.

"On behalf of the developers who have built this thriving community, we'd like to thank the industry for this formal recognition of the innovation that the NetBeans software and community fosters," said James Gosling, vice president, Sun Fellow and chief technology officer for Sun's Developer Platforms group. "Developers benefit from the contributions and synergies of the open source community and leading commercial vendors, which are working together in a highly productive, open model."

The NetBeans platform is the foundation for Sun's developer tools strategy and the Sun Java(TM) Studio products, including Sun Java(TM) Studio Creator (code-named Project Rave). These products are tightly integrated with the Sun Java(TM) Enterprise System, which provides an integrated, open, standards-based software system that delivers a core set of industry-leading shared enterprise network services that every business needs.

"Sun products such as Java Studio Enterprise and Java Studio Creator benefit tremendously from leveraging the wealth of functionality and creativity inherent in the NetBeans software and community," said Richard Green, vice president, Developer Platforms Group, Sun Microsystems. "The Java Studio products and NetBeans serve the range of developer needs and styles -- spanning open source, corporate and enterprise developers -- and supporting their platform of choice, whether it be Solaris, Linux or Windows."

NetBeans Governance Board

The NetBeans community has also announced the results of its recent Governance Board open elections. The Governance Board consists of three people who serve for six-month terms. Voting in the elections is open to any of the more than 24,000 members of the NetBeans community, and candidates are selected through an open nomination process. The new members of the Governance Board are Vincent Brabant, David Strupl and Zaheda Bhorat. Brabant is an experienced, independent Java language developer who leads the French localization effort for the NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE) on a volunteer basis. He supports the French-speaking members of the NetBeans community through the mail lists and localization of content and news, and authors a blog on Strupl is an independent consultant who focuses on helping companies take advantage of NetBeans technology. He also teaches university courses in the Java programming language, and is the author of several Java language-related books and articles. Bhorat is the community development and marketing group manager for the NetBeans project at Sun Microsystems. Prior to joining the NetBeans team, Bhorat was very successful in growing the project and community, as well as raising the awareness and use of the open source office suite globally.

Third Parties Enrich and Extend NetBeans Community

With more than 100 partners and 24,000 registered developers contributing to this thriving open source community, the NetBeans platform continues to be enhanced and extended to support end-to-end development, from servers to traditional clients to mobile devices. The NetBeans community is made up of individual developers as well as Java technology tools industry leaders including Aqris Software, Compuware, Embarcadero, InsiTech, MAKE Technologies, Openwave Systems, Quest Software, Systinet and Vitria Software. The contributions of these firms provide developers with a rich spectrum of technologies for creating Web services and custom applications and tools.

"Our offering, RefactorIT, is an add-on module for the NetBeans platform," explained Oliver Wihler, CEO, Aqris Software AS. "NetBeans software provides a beautiful developer framework that allowed us not only to integrate to the fullest extent with the NetBeans core platform, but also to provide a seamless end-user experience with regard to source code refactoring. This significantly improves developer productivity and code quality."

"As one of the first vendors to build upon the NetBeans platform, Compuware is excited to have worked with other industry leaders in the evolution of this rock solid development environment, which is used by millions of developers," said Mike Burba, Compuware OptimalJ product manager. "The combination of Compuware OptimalJ and NetBeans software gives developers of all skill levels a highly productive platform on which to architect and build enterprise applications."

"Testing professionals rely on Embarcadero Extreme Test to increase their productivity and give them greater confidence in deploying and upgrading reliable applications in heterogeneous enterprise environments," said Wayne Williams, chief technology officer of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. "The product uses the most current, agile and scalable technologies, and Embarcadero leverages NetBeans as a platform for Extreme's universal workbench. Extreme Test is a pure Java product that demands a sophisticated, powerful interface that NetBeans provides."

"After four years of working with different Java technology IDEs, we find NetBeans to be a consistently best-of-breed platform with which to integrate XTT, our Rapid Thin-Client Technology," explained David Pociu, president and chief technology officer of InsiTech. "NetBeans is always on the cutting edge, and allows us to deliver our product to the customer as an extremely user-friendly integrated module. In addition, the open source nature of this outstanding IDE lowers the barrier of entry for any developer -- from beginner to expert."

"We are very pleased with the solid platform and rich feature set provided by the NetBeans platform," said David Green, chief technology officer of MAKE Technologies. "Thanks to Sun and the NetBeans open source community, NetBeans has seen many innovations over the last year. By choosing to distribute NetBeans software with our Standards Based Automation solution, we are able to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of Java technology, J2EE(TM) and Web services development for our customers."

Commenting on the NetBeans platform in the wireless sector, Gina Centoni, vice president of developer marketing, Openwave, said: "The success of the developer depends on the quality of their development tools. The strength of the NetBeans framework combined with the power of Openwave® Mobile SDK gives mobile developers powerful new tools to create compelling solutions for mobile devices."

"Quest JClass Java technology components easily integrate with the NetBeans IDE, adding pre-built components such as charts and reports to the developer's palette," said Steve Stover, chief technology officer, development solutions, Quest Software. "By combining NetBeans' leading framework with JClass' advanced WYSIWYG design tools, developers can construct higher-quality enterprise J2EE applications faster than ever."

"NetBeans is an exceptional technology and community," said Roman Stanek, founder and CEO, Systinet. "As a fellow SIIA Codie Award finalist, we congratulate the NetBeans project on this well-deserved recognition by peers in the software and information industry."

"Vitria chose NetBeans 3.5 as the underlying IDE for our Business Modeling Environment because of its flexibility and power in terms of developing user interfaces, wizards, its open platform support and execution speed," said Dale Skeen, chief technology officer, Vitria. "Vitria: BusinessWare 4, Business Integration Journal's Product of the Year (2003) and Knowledge Management World's Trendsetting Product of 2003, has made development of Business Process Management Solutions significantly faster and easier."

In December 2003, the NetBeans community announced a new roadmap for the NetBeans platform, outlining the 3.6 and 4.0 releases. Planned features will extend the reach of developers building Web and Web services applications, desktop graphical interfaces and mobile clients. These new releases also add critical developer productivity enhancements and a complete redesign of the user interface to provide a more intuitive, "out-of-the box" developer experience. The NetBeans 3.6 release is targeted for availability in the first half of 2004 and the 4.0 release is expected in the second half of the year.


Founded by Sun Microsystems and launched in June 2000, is the home of the NetBeans technology-based open source Java technology tools code base and community. A vibrant global development community, is dedicated to providing trusted, standards-based software development products that address the needs of developers, users and organizations that rely on the NetBeans platform as a basis for their products. Since the NetBeans platform is written entirely in the Java language, NetBeans runs on any operating system with a Java 2 technology-compatible (1.3 or greater) Java Virtual Machine. This includes the Solaris(TM) Operating System, Windows, Linux and Macintosh platforms. Accordingly, NetBeans can be used to create applications that run on any Java 1.3 platform.

Information on the NetBeans platform, specifications and development builds are available on the website.

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