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"Built On NetBeans" Program at the JavaOne Conference Showcases Product Innovation Based on NetBeans Open Source Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - JavaOneSM Developer Conference -- March 26, 2002 -- Signaling the momentum and breadth of the NetBeansTM open source community, Sun Microsystems, Inc. today announced that at the JavaOne Developer Conference, more than 35 companies will demonstrate NetBeans and ForteTM for JavaTM products and integrations that are "Built on NetBeans" technology. Third-party products range from wireless device emulation software to Web services infrastructure products.

The NetBeans tools platform will celebrate its second anniversary as an open source community in June 2002. Due to its modular architecture and open application programming interfaces (APIs), third parties can easily extend or integrate with the platform to add new functionality. Sun's commercial Forte development products are based on the NetBeans architecture.

At the JavaOne Developer Conference this week, 20 companies will be featured in a "Built on NetBeans" Demonstration Cluster located at the end of aisles 1700-2300, while an additional 15 companies will be demonstrating products in their own booths. This group includes many members of the Forte for Java Extension Partner Program, which assists independent software vendors (ISVs) in extending Sun's Forte for Java product.

"Nearly two years ago, Sun made a commitment to base its commercial Forte for Java product line on the NetBeans open source platform," said Peter Young, vice president, Forte Tools, Sun Microsystems. "The goal was to create a modular open source tools platform that other companies could use as a foundation for their own products, or as a framework that could easily be customized and extended with plug-in modules. Today, that vision has been enthusiastically embraced by the NetBeans and Forte for Java communities. With more than 100 partners building their own products or extending NetBeans technology, NetBeans and Forte for Java have proven to be the validation for the blending of open source and commercial technologies."

The following companies are showcasing products that are integrated with NetBeans technology.

AGEA Corporation ( -- AGEA Corporation, a leading provider of business acceleration software, takes the delays out of doing business. By overseeing conditions and events that require attention and action, AGEA's solution removes delays in business-critical processes to dramatically improve the bottom line.

Apogee Software ( -- Apogee Software is a well-established software tools vendor specializing in programming environments for the development of embedded systems applications written primarily in the Java language. Apogee is bringing to the market a comprehensive IDE comprised of complementary components from the NetBeans platform (open APIs and plug-ins), Forte for Java IDE (IDE core and tools), and Apogee's Aphelion IDE (advanced tools for embedded systems and ports of CDC JavaTM 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM) VM to various embedded processors running popular RTOSs).

Aqris Development ( -- Aqris Development is a software tools company dedicated to the refactoring needs of the corporate Java language developer. Their flagship product, RefactorIT, is a complete and easy-to-use refactoring tool available on the NetBeans platform.

CanyonBlue ( -- CanyonBlue delivers development tools that enable teams to work effectively in a collaborative environment. The company's flagship product, Cittera, provides a real-time, collaborative UML modeling solution. Cittera offers a Web-based virtual workspace uniting development team members, and allowing them to easily share and leverage their technical and intellectual capital for more efficient and productive component-based development.

Cincom ( -- Cincom's Socrates XML is the fast-to-market XML DBMS that integrates enterprise data to the Web while leveraging existing applications and data. Designed for organizations that need to manage and/or integrate data from multiple data sources, Socrates XML boosts programmer productivity by simplifying document manipulation and data integration from multiple sources.

Compuware Corporation ( -- Compuware Corporation, a multi-billion dollar company, provides software and professional services that optimize productivity and reduce costs across the application lifecycle. Compuware's Java technology-based products accelerate and simplify development by automating key development, debugging and testing processes. As a result, software teams can quickly deliver reliable high-performance applications.

Embarcadero Technologies ( -- Embarcadero Technologies provides award-winning software products that enable organizations to build, optimize and manage databases and applications supporting today's critical enterprise systems. The company leads the market in providing high quality and easy-to-use database and application development tools that deliver cost-effective solutions.

ExoSonic ( -- ExoSonic provides financial institutions with a reusable framework of design patterns for developing and deploying multi-channel, mission-critical distributed enterprise applications and Web services. By leveraging ExoSonic's framework and its business logic components, designed around the Reuters Investor service, financial institutions can jump-start their JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) development efforts.

Flashline, Inc. ( -- Flashline, Inc. is the industry leader in providing enterprise software reuse solutions that facilitate the rapid development of software systems for business. Flashline's flagship product, Flashline Component Manager, Enterprise Edition, provides the first comprehensive software reuse solution that enables, promotes and measures reuse of components, Web services and other assets.

Fresher Information Corporation ( -- Fresher Information Corporation delivers database software and services to companies that need to rapidly and cost effectively develop and deploy scalable Java applications and services. Matisse, the company's flagship product, is the first DBMS to combine native object support and SQL.

Gentleware AG ( -- Gentleware AG is a software company based in Germany. The company's goal is to improve software development processes by improving software development tools. The company focuses on the development of UML tools with a strong emphasis on usability and high productivity. Gentleware also offers training and consulting.

HYWY Software ( -- HYWY Software is specifically committed to producing the best software for Java technology-based development, encompassing a total productivity environment for the Java platform. A complete range of productivity aids is now available to define developers' and development managers' activities in the production and management of complex enterprise software applications written in the Java language.

InCert Software ( -- InCert Software's Halo Application Fault Management monitors, pinpoints, reports on and helps correct application faults in distributed production environments. Halo uniquely provides a Java source-code level root cause diagnosis at the first fault, obsoleting problem replication.

Information Architects ( -- Information Architects provides "Smart" integration software solutions for businesses. The company's patented integration platform, SmartCode, provides easy and flexible real-time access to existing and future data and applications, while creating reusable "components" out of any business process, content access, security, presentation or logic. SmartCode provides an advanced development framework including tools and graphical interfaces that allow for rapid modeling and development of robust Web applications within a visual environment.

Information Laboratory ( -- Information Laboratory created Small Worlds, an innovative software analysis and visualization tool focused on structural stability of large-scale Java applications. Small Worlds transforms code into dependency webs, performs structural analysis, evaluates the overall stability and points out problematic areas.

Innominds Software Inc. ( -- Innominds Software is a software development and professional services company specializing in Web services, B2B integration, ERP, data warehousing and hardware design. InnoMinds is developing Java technology-based products for project management, JXTA, XML and adapters based on the J2EE Connector Architecture.

Intrinsyc Software ( -- Intrinsyc Software is a leading provider of intelligent devices and enterprise computing solutions to Global 2000 companies. The company specializes in bridging solutions that help companies link disparate technology and application worlds. These include J-Integra and Ja.NET, which enable software developers to seamlessly integrate Java with Microsoft COM and .NET components.

Iopsis Software ( -- Iopsis Software is a leading Web services and software solutions provider that helps customers to rapidly transition to a Web services world by significantly collapsing the time to automate and collaborate line-of-business functionality and business processes through innovative new technology and services.

Jinfonet Software ( -- Jinfonet Software focuses on providing high-end e-reporting solutions for the Java platform and has developed JReport, a reporting module that will seamlessly integrate with the Forte for Java IDE. JReport was designed with the quality and features required to power e-business enterprises. It also can be seamlessly integrated into other Java technology-based IDEs or Web application servers.

Lutris Technologies Inc. ( -- Lutris Technologies provides an open-source set of tools and deployment technologies for the mobile and embedded Java technology market. Lutris bundles the Forte for Java IDE in its products, and is working on plug-ins to enhance developer productivity.

Mercury Interactive ( -- Mercury Interactive is the leading provider of enterprise testing and application performance management solutions. The company's automated software and managed services help companies deliver and maintain high-performance applications. Customers worldwide use Mercury Interactive solutions across their application and technology infrastructures to minimize hardware and operational expenses, protect revenue streams and enhance their competitive positions.

mobileID ( -- mobileID delivers Java technology-based iRAMP System software and tools that integrate with leading Java IDEs to accelerate the development and deployment of J2EE server-side mobile applications. By extending the Forte for Java IDE, mobileID empowers developers to make wireless work.

Nuance ( -- Nuance is the global leader in software for a voice-driven world. Nuance's software powers a range of innovative applications including automated directory assistance, voice-activated dialing, self-service banking and voice-driven customer relationship management.

ObjectVenture Inc. ( -- ObjectVenture accelerates the development of enterprise solutions with innovative technology and frameworks. The software enables developers to build applications using design patterns including Sun's Java Center Patterns Catalog. ObjectVenture will be showcasing ObjectAssembler 2.0, a visual J2EE development environment, at JavaOne.

Siemens ( -- Siemens is one of the world's major producers of software for industrial applications -- especially embedded systems -- and the creation of innovative solutions in electrical engineering and electronics. The competencies of the Corporate Technologies division of Siemens AG (based in Munich, Germany) are system architecture and development processes and methods. In particular, innovative software validation techniques and formal verification tools are being developed for the Forte for Java community.

Sitraka ( -- A proven leader in J2EE Performance Assurance, Sitraka delivers advanced diagnostic solutions that help companies to pinpoint and eliminate performance hazards in mission-critical J2EE applications.

Software AG ( -- Software AG, a 32-year-old company headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, is Europe's largest system software provider, and a major global player offering cutting-edge technology for XML enablement, Web enablement, and providing complete infrastructure for Web services.

Systinet ( -- Systinet develops Web services infrastructure software. The company's product makes it easy for organizations to create, publish, discover and manage Web services. The flagship product, Systinet WASP, delivers enterprise-class capabilities including unrivalled J2EE integration, advanced security, transaction support and interoperability with leading applications servers.

Tekadence ( -- Tekadence Magik allows non-programmers to create and publish Java technology applications incorporating Java code, Web services, rich media elements and robust user interfaces. Tekadence Magik Professional Edition is bundled with the Forte for Java IDE to enable seamless Java code integration.

Thought Inc. ( -- Thought Inc. is focused on delivering object-to-relational mapping optimized for EJBTM and Java applications. Thought Inc.'s CocoBase Enterprise O/R Mapping Java tool is the key to success for companies developing applications on the J2EE and J2SE platform. The CocoBase tool increases performance by up to and over 4000 percent, decreases database access development/deployment/ maintenance costs by up to 85 percent and works with any standard J2EE/J2SE application server, making its use a key part of any company's tool set.

Virtuas Solutions ( -- Virtuas Solutions is a leading provider of Internet technology solutions for enterprise computing environments that enable organizations to reduce software development costs, speed time-to-market deployment and create new sources of revenue. Virtuas is showcasing Jtagstudio, its new development environment for the JavaServer PagesTM (JSPTM) specification.

Websprocket ( -- Websprocket is a software company enabling the provisioning of applications and services to memory and power-constrained devices such as cell phones, PDAs, pagers, industrial controllers and soft switches. Websprocket's patent-protected technology configures applications and services authored in the Java programming language to execute faster and with less memory.

Yospace ( -- Yospace, a leader in the global deployment of wireless Internet demonstration technology, is integrating its SmartPhone Emulator Platform within the Forte for Java development environment. Now, from within the Forte for Java IDE, developers will be able to build WAP applications using the integrated multi-handset SmartPhone Emulator.

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