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Sun Microsystems Launches Premier Open Source And Commercial Java Tools For Chinese Developers

Chinese developers enabled with a full-featured Open Source Java IDE for desktop and web applications.

J2EE focused developers enabled with a comprehensive Web Services and Enterprise Tier development environment.

PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINA (PRC) -- The 6th China Java Convention -- October 16, 2003 -- Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) today announced support for the simplified Chinese language in both the NetBeans 3.5.1 release and in its Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition product. NetBeans is the open source Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building rich client and web applications. The NetBeans IDE is available for free download in Chinese from, the home of the open source codebase and community at . Sun ONE Studio is the newest release of Sun's commercially available, full-featured Java IDE for Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms designed for enterprise developers who are creating and deploying two-tier Java Web applications and n-tier J2EE applications.

The introduction of these exciting new tools offerings to China are designed to ease development of Java applications and increase productivity of developers, allow for innovation, and faster time to market.

�Java technology demonstrates once again its potential to spawn new markets and with them new opportunities for Java developers, vendors and their customers,� said Rich Green, vice president of developer platforms at Sun Microsystems. �No other technology has come close to the power of Java technology in enabling application interoperability and portability across heterogeneous environments. With today's announcement, Sun is making Java technology more accessible than ever to the broadest range of Java developers -- from enterprise developers to individual developers, working in open source with a large community development and support program, to a commercial environment with dedicated support from Sun -- further strengthening its position as the platform of choice for network computing.�

Web Application Development: NetBeans 3.5.1
NetBeans is a full-featured open source Java IDE, assisting developers to write, compile, debug and deploy Java applications with version control and XML editing among its many features. NetBeans 3.5.1 includes support for the creation of Java[tm] 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE[tm]) applications as well as two-tier web applications using JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and Servlets. and a core set of APIs and software for two-tier Web application development. NetBeans 3.5.1 also comes pre-installed with a webserver, TomCat, removing the need for configuration installation steps. As a result, Java developers have an extensible open source multi-platform Java IDE that allows them to develop to or work in the development environment of their choice � Solaris, Linux, Windows or Macintosh. NetBeans 3.5.1 provides support for development of applications targeted to JDK 1.4.0, 1.4.1, and 1.4.2.

Dave Sundstrom, Director of, Sun Microsystems said, �NetBeans was the industry's first open source IDE to support Java development innovation, and through its leadership and maturity, it now offers the only fully Java compliant, Open Source IDE to developers across all platforms. Sun has continued to support and work with the open source communities, and with this launch, developers in China now have a industrial strength development tool to build desktop, web or mobile applications and a springboard for Java innovation.�

Due to the modular structure of NetBeans and open application programming interfaces (APIs), third parties can easily extend or integrate with the NetBeans Platform. Almost 100 corporations and developers globally have extended the capabilities of NetBeans and momentum is rapidly growing, with over 1.7 Million downloads of NetBeans worldwide.

" The NetBeans opensource project offers a fully Java compliant IDE and application framework for developers across all platforms and constantly more and more countries. Congratulations to Sun for supporting the opensource community and funding development for NetBeans. Starting with version 3.5.1 China developers have a free, open, well tested and officially supported localization and may join the strong community already made up from worldwide English, Japanese and Russian-speaking developers " said Maxym Mykhalchuk, Board Member.

Sun Microsystems, as the founding member and major contributor to the NetBeans code base, launches a Sun branded product delivering additional value specifically for Enterprise development on top of this modular architecture and code base through Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition.

Enterprise Development: Sun ONE Studio 5
Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition, is for enterprise developers who are creating and deploying two-tier Java Web applications and n-tier J2EE applications. Sun's new IDE release features tighter integration with the Sun ONE Application Server 7, which is now installed as the default runtime environment and enables one button dynamic deployment and execution of J2EE Applications. The product also includes additional Java to XML - Remote Procedure Call (JAX-RPC) Web services API support for security, attachments, and handlers, significant performance improvements in both start-up time and responsiveness of the environment, Web services development support via the Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.0, and the popular JUnit Java testing software. In addition the Sun product offers fee-based support and training for developers along with deployment and migration services.

Also, available later this year will be additional features to augment the Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition which focus on accelerating Java Technology-based Web Tier Application development. This latest innovation will empower the Enterprise Developer audience with an even more elevated collection of features to guide them quickie, efficiently, effectively and simply through the complexity of the evolving J2EE specifications, Industry design patterns and best practices to build the Java code to satisfy complex, scaleable and sophisticated grade Applications now acknowledged as needed by the Enterprise.

�In our opinion, Sun ONE Studio is the best IDE available, especially for the Java platform.� said David Pociu, President and CTO of InsiTech Group, Inc. �Sun ONE Studio also has the most open platform, making it very simple to incorporate plug-in modules, and it's the easiest to use.�

Sun ONE Studio 5, Standard Edition is a complete replacement for the previous version's Enterprise Edition and is available now at over 50% of the previous version, which is a significantly reduced price. For more information about Sun ONE Studio 5 go to

The availability of these industry leading Java development environments in simplified Chinese, once again demonstrates Sun Microsystems commitment to enable Chinese developers of all skill levels and from any industry segment, to architect and build comprehensive and powerful Java applications to satisfy any Company demands. With ease of use, feature rich capabilities and compelling cost justification, Sun Microsystems achieves its goal to empower developers by providing a portfolio platform of Serious software and making it Simple.

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Founded by Sun Microsystems, and launched in 2000, is the home of the open source project and community of developers and users building a world class Java IDE. supports over 1.6 Million downloads of the IDE worldwide and active community of over 20,000 registered members and rapidly growing. The community efforts have culminated in the latest release of NetBeans 3.5.1 resulting in a fast, stable, secure and flexible development environment available now in Chinese to add to English, Japanese, Russian and French language releases. NetBeans is available for development on Solaris, Windows, Linux and Macintosh OS X and covered by the Sun Public License ( SPL). NetBeans 3.5.1 and, the Open Source project have received industry adoption and support having approximately 100 additional modules now available in the NetBeans module catalog to extend the IDE. For more information see:

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