NetBeans Multilingual (ML) DVD Starter Kit Program

Thank you for your interest in the NetBeans Multilingual DVD Starter Kit. Since August 2005, has shipped more than 225,000 free CDs & DVDs to developers around the world through the Starter Kit Program.

Over this time, NetBeans has experienced explosive growth as a community, and so has demand for our software.

We no longer offer free shipping of the NetBeans DVD Starter Kit, but we provide several ways for the community to still receive our award-winning tool:

  • Visit the NetBeans IDE download page for free installation bundles as lightweight as 23MB. You can always add more features to the IDE later.

  • Download and burn a free ISO image of the NetBeans IDE Multilingual (ML) DVD Starter Kit.

  • Download the NetBeans IDE + JDK bundle using Oracle's JavaSE Download Manager which allows you to pause, resume, restart, and verify downloaded files.

Thank you again for your continued support, and for your interest in the NetBeans project! You are welcome and encouraged to share your comments and questions with the NetBeans team, participate on our mailing lists and forums, and explore ways to contribute to the community.