Contact the NetBeans Team

There are a few ways to get in touch with the NetBeans Team. Please read this page carefully to make sure to direct your query to the appropriate channel.

Support and Use of NetBeans

Please direct all questions regarding use and support of the NetBeans IDE and Platform to the public mailing list or forum. You must subscribe to the list/forum to post questions.

Bug Reports, Feature Requests and Enhancements

To report a bug in the NetBeans IDE, please file an issue. If you have feature or enhancement requests, we recommend that you first ask on the nbusers mailing list to gauge if your idea is feasible, supported by others, and if another developer isn't already working on it.

Search existing issues to see if your issue has already been reported


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Licensing, Confidential Queries

For questions about distributing NetBeans Software, the SPL, or other license related issues, please read our License FAQ page first. If the information there does not answer your question(s):